Research Projects

The group currently identified the following areas based on the importance and timeliness of the research issues behind as well as the expertise of the members of the research group.

  • Jiming LIU (PI; GRF 2020-21; RGC/HKBU12202220)
    Extracting Homogeneity and Heterogeneity of Different Learning Tasks: A Novel Multi-Task Learning Framework for Feature Extraction, Regression, and Spatio-Temporal Prediction

  • Jiming LIU (PI; GRF 2019-20; RGC/HKBU12201619)
    Overcoming Data Heterogeneity, Dependency, and Noise: A Novel Spatio-Temporal Learning Framework

  • Jiming LIU (PI; GRF 2018-19; RGC/HKBU12201318)
    Modeling and Inferring Latent Diffusion Networks for Active Surveillance and Prediction of Infectious Diseases

  • William K. CHEUNG (PI; GRF 2021-21; RGC/HKBU/12202621)
    Towards Clinically Accurate Medical Image Report Generation Using Deep Generative Models Data

  • William K. CHEUNG (PI; GRF 2019-20; RGC/HKBU12201219)
    A Temporal Tensor Factorization Framework for Phenotyping and Dynamic Patient Representation Learning Using Multi-Modal EHR Data

  • William K. CHEUNG (PI; GRF 2017-18; RGC/HKBU12202117)
    Joint Embedding of Sequential Data and Knowledge Graphs with application to Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

  • Yiu-ming CHEUNG (PI; ITF 2018-19; ITS/339/18)
    On Developing a Lip-password Based Face Recognition System

  • Yang LIU (PI; GRF 2017-18; RGC/HKBU12202417)
    Learning Deep Video Manifolds from Multiple Cameras for Abnormal Crowd Behavior Recognition

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