Current Projects

1) Agent-Oriented Computing (AOC) for Complex Network Modeling and Analysis


The complexity of many world challenges faced in this era (e.g., energy, healthcare, global economics, etc.) are often rooted at the complicated inter-relationship and interactions embedded in the underlying systems. We focus on developing AOC-based computational methodologies for modeling and analyzing the mechanisms which can explain the phenomenon observed in the underlying networked systems, and on deriving adaptive strategies as effective and at the same time robust solutions to particular real-world applications. more...



2) On-Line and Social Media Mining


The on-going evolution of web technologies (from Web 1.0 to 3.0) has transformed and revolutionized the media itself and how we live with the media. The irreversible trend is that people will continue to rely more and more on on-line and social media to create, present, share, filter, search and gain information and knowledge. We focus on developing data mining algorithms and tools which can extract from on-line and social media the underlying regularities and patterns so as to gain further insights into the collective contents, their tagged and link structure, and the content owners’ interrelationship characteristics for ultimately more effective use of the media. more...



3) Health Informatics


Continuous population growth and socioeconomic development have called for an urgent attention to the demand on personal and public healthcare. The Hong Kong government has substantially increased expenditure on healthcare in recent years and on e-Health in particular to develop a city-wide electronic health record system. In response to the growing complexity of the healthcare system, we focus on research projects aiming to advancing Health IT from infrastructure level to analytics and decision support level for better healthcare policy making and healthcare process management. more...


Project Archive


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