A Prototyping Environment for Ubiquitous Healthcare Systems

Project Team: Joseph Ng (In-charge), Li Chen, William K. Cheung

Background and Research Problems:

This project is to provide a prototyping environment to build systems and applications related to ubiquitous healthcare systems.

Instead of reinventing the wheels, we make use of existing technologies in ubiquitous computing (i.e. wireless and mobile positioning technology, data acquisition from sensor and ad hoc networks) and data management (i.e. data capturing, data storage and retrieval, data/signal processing) to build middleware, APIs, and tools for the development of systems and applications for ubiquitous healthcare systems.

Here are some sample research projects

  • Construction of Test-bed for location-aware and context sensitive Wireless/Mobile/Sensor networks
  • Vital Signs and Well-being Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Fall Detection and Behavior Tracking
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Mobile Applications for Jogging and Training