Anniversary Dinner (16 November 2013)

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Gallery of Our Precious Moments of the Anniversary Dinner

Event Highlight

In celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding, the Department of Computer Science held the 25th Anniversary Dinner on 16 November and shared the joy with about 550 guests and alumni. Participants of the Dinner included the University Vice President, Faculty representative, Department staff, students, alumni and friends of the Department. The array of activities at the Dinner night included a reception, campus tours, project exhibition, games, lucky draw, etc. Faculty members Prof. Clement Leung, Dr. Alfredo Milani, students and alumni also staged to give singing and instrumental performance.

The officiating guests included Professor Rick W.K. Wong, Vice-President (Research and Development); Professor Jiming Liu, Associate Dean of Science and Chair Professor of Computer Science Department; and Professor P.C. Yuen, Head of Computer Science Department.

At the ceremony, Prof. Rick Wong appreciated of the Department’s efforts in providing excellence education to its graduates. He shared that the Department was founded during his deanship and special thanked to Dr. Ernest Lam, the first head of the Department, for his contribution to the Department’s foundation.

Also, Prof. Jiming Liu shared the outstanding research advancement of the Department and thanked the long-standing support of the guests to the Department’s development. Following Prof. Liu’s speech, the Department Head Prof. P.C. Yuen highlighted the 25th Anniversary event series and expressed gratitude to the organizing committee and staff for making the celebration successful.

Other than the dinner, year-round celebratory events include Distinguished Lecture Series, Mind Drive Competition (for secondary school students), Final-Year-Project Exhibition and an Open Day in March 2014 for general public’s visits.

Other Events

Other events were held on the Dinner Day.
Details can be found in the leaflet.

Time Event Venue
2:00 – 5:00 pm Mind Drive Competition
For Science Faculty Common Year 1 students
4:30 – 6:00 pm Campus Tour
For alumni to visit our new and old buildings, and other attractions of the campus.
(Meeting Place)
Project Demonstration FSC501
Happy Moment Sharing
Photo and video sharing of our happy moments
LT3 (SCT 5/F) &
5:00 – 6:00 pm Mind Drive Demonstration
For alumni and guests