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Dr. C. Mohan

Dr. C. Mohan

Distinguished Visiting Professor
Tsinghua University

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The Data Landscape: Trends and Directions

22 November 2022 (Tuesday), 4:30 – 5:30pm HKT (GMT +8)

Venue: WLB 205, The Wing Lung Bank Business Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, HKBU

It has been four decades since the commercial emergence of relational database management systems. Since that time, I worked on various database management topics at the birthplace of the relational model and the SQL language, until my retirement 2 years ago as an IBM Fellow at IBM Research in Silicon Valley. As someone who has been, and who continues to be, active as an individual contributor in the database area for over four and a half decades, in this talk, I will give a broad overview of the evolution of the data landscape. I will discuss not only research topics but also the trends in the commercial and standards arenas. I will also present market share numbers from data analysts. I intend for my observations to be of value to not only deeply technical people in the research and product spaces but also to management and administration type people who are responsible for data related topics.


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