Healthcare is a highly complex and challenging global field and in the interest of tackling this crisis effectively, numerous heterogeneous factors have to be considered including populations that are extremely diverse, aging and mobile. The data-driven paradigm applicable to address this complexity is in high demand and yet poses various challenging issues such as data acquisition, analytics and complex computing interactions. In addition, mission-critical applications such as healthcare systems face numerous healthcare data security challenges pertaining to individual security and privacy.

In response to the growing need of Health IT professionals and expertise, the Department of Computer Science at HKBU has outlined a strategic direction of development for “Health Informatics (HI)” and establishing the Health Informatics Center (HIC) in 2009. To tackle the growing complexity of the healthcare challenges, HIC forms a structured research group of regular faculty members, researchers, and students from various disciplines, with the focus on research projects aiming to advancing Health IT from infrastructure level to analytics and decision support level for better healthcare management. The members in HIC collaborate closely with broader health authorities and communities in various regions and countries to enhance their impact on health locally and globally through advanced AI and data-driven technologies.