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The purpose of this project is to design and develop a graphical XML Query language software which requires user to have knowledge in basic XML data model and none or minimal understanding of XML Query language. It aims to be a GUI capable of running on top of any XQuery engine e.g., Galax [1] offering users an intuitive and user-friendly graphical approach to expressing queries.

The scope of this project comprises the following:

  • To study and design a simple graphical language to represent XML Xquery language.
  • To design and develop a user-friendly interface for expressing queries.
  • To design and implement a translation logic from graphical language to XML Xquery language and vice versa.

Due to the extensive depth of the XML Query language and time constraint, this project has the following limitations:

  • The project supports only for, where, return clauses, document and element nodes and general and value comparison operators.
  • Queries are restricted to single hierarchy level to reduce the complexity of the project.
[1] Galax: An implementation of xquery.



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