G-BLASTN is a GPU-accelerated nucleotide alignment tool based on the widely used NCBI-BLAST.

Main features of G-BLASTN:

Limitations of G-BlASTN:

The interface of G-BLASTN is almost identical to the original NCBI-BLAST with the following additional GPU options:

*** GPU options ***
-use_gpu <true|false>
   Use 'true' to enable GPU for blastn
   Default = 'false'
-mode <1|2>
   1.normal mode, 2.pipeline mode
   Default = `1'

-query_list <file>
   The file includes the list of file names of your query files, one per line. You can generate the query list file by the following command in the folder that holds your query files:
    Linux:  find ./ -type f > query_list.txt
    Windows: dir /s/b > query_list.txt



This project is supported by grant FRG2/11-12/158 from Hong Kong Baptist University. We also thank NVIDIA corporation for their donation of GPU cards.