G-BLASTN 1.1 directly modifies NCBI-BLAST 2.2.28 by adding GPU functionality. To install G-BLASTN, you can:

1) Download v1.1.tar.gz of gblastn from https://github.com/OpenHero/gblastn/archive/v1.1.tar.gz and unpack the package:

For example, on 64-bit Linux:

>tar zxvf v1.1.tar.gz
>cd gblastn.1.1
>chmod +x install

2) Install G-BLASTN


This will:
i.   Ask the user whether G-LBASTN should be added to an existing BLAST installation or
     whether NCBI-BLAST should be installed as well.
ii.  Modify the existing NCBI-BLAST installation or download, unpack and unzip NCBI-BLAST from
     depending on what was selected by the user in (i).
iii. Compile the CUDA files.
iv.  Embed G-BLASTN into the existing or downloaded NCBI-BLAST.

If the installation is successful, you should find the executable "blastn" in

NOTE: The directory "GCC447-ReleaseMT64" might differ on your system.

Acknowledgement: The installation configuration of G-BLASTN is based on that of GPU-BLAST

3) The G-BLASTN 

If there is no error, you can get the binary G-BLASTN file "blastn" in directory "/ncbi-blast-2.2.28+-src/c++/GCC447-ReleaseMT64/bin/".
Then move the "blastn" file into "bin" directy by command "mv" as follows:

First go to the "/ncbi-blast-2.2.28+-src/c++/GCC447-ReleaseMT64/bin/" directory, then type

>mv blastn /home/blastn/bin/gblastn