DB Group



Dr. Xu's research interest lies in data management for various networked systems including mobile/wireless networks, location-based social networks, Web and cloud computing systems. He has more than 200 publications in these areas as edited books and proceedings, invited book chapters, and technical papers in refereed journals and conferences including SIGMOD, VLDB, MobiSys, ICDE, INFOCOM, ICDCS, TODS, ToN, TKDE, TPDS, and VLDBJ.

Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects:
  • iGPS: Privacy-Preserving Geo-Proximity Services in Location-based Social Networks (PI, RGC/GRF, HKBU211212, 2012-2015)
  • iQAO: Privacy-Conscious Query Authentication for Outsourced and Cloud Databases (Co-I, PI: Haibo Hu, RGC/GRF, HKBU210811, 2011-2014)
  • FlashTX: Transaction Management for Flash-based Database Systems: Protocols, Implementations and Optimizations (PI, RGC/GRF, HKBU211510, 2010-2013)
  • QUPOS: Query Processing in Flash-Based Storage-Centric Sensor Networks (PI, RGC/GRF, HKBU210808, 2009-2011)
  • DEFACTO: Data-Centric Filter Management and Routing Optimization for Distributed Monitoring Systems (PI, RGC/CERG, HKBU211307, 2008-2010)
  • iPDA: Privacy-Preserving Location-based Data Access in Mobile Environments (PI, RGC/CERG, HKBU211206, 2006-2009)
  • ECOQUAD: Energy-Conserving Quality-Aware Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks (PI, RGC/CERG, HKBU211505, 2005-2008)