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OfficeE-mail (alias)
President & Vice-Chancellor and Chair Professor Prof. CHIN, Roland T.錢大康SWT801Arolandchin#
Associate Dean of Science and Chair Professor Prof. LIU, Jiming (1)劉際明RRS727jiming
- (1) IEEE Fellow
Head and Professor Prof. YUEN, Pong Chi阮邦志RRS702Bpcyuen
Associate Head and Associate Professor Dr. CHEUNG, William Kwok Wai張國威RRS704william
Chair Professor (Affiliate) Prof. NG, Michael Kwok Po (1)吳國寶FSC1212mng#
- (1) under Department of Mathematics, Science Faculty
Honorary Professor Prof. TANG, Yuan Yan (1)唐遠炎RRS703yytang
- (1) IEEE and IAPR Fellow
Professor Prof. CHEUNG, Yiu Ming (1)張曉明RRS729ymc
Prof. LEUNG, Yiu Wing (2) (3)梁耀榮RRS705ywleung
Prof. NG, Joseph Kee Yin (4)吳其彥RRS730jng
Prof. XU, Jian Liang徐建良RRS708xujl
- (1) Associate Programme Director of MSc in Advanced Information Systems
- (2) Programme Director of MSc in Advanced Information Systems
- (3) Programme Director of MSc in Information Technology Management
- (4) Programme Director of BSc (Hons) in Computer Science
Visiting Professor Prof. GANDER, WalterRRS712gander
Associate Professor Dr. CHOI, Byron Koon Kau蔡冠球RRS707choi
Dr. CHU, Xiao Wen (1)褚曉文RRS719chxw
Dr. TAM, Hon Wah譚漢華RRS713tam
- (1) Associate Programme Director of MSc in Information Technology Management
Assistant Professor Dr. CHEN, Li陳黎RRS711lichen
Dr. CHEN, Lisi陳力思RRS706chenlisi
Dr. WANG, Anran王安然RRS709anranwang
Dr. WONG, Kelvin Chi Kuen (1)黃志權RRS710kckwong
- (1) Programme Director of BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems
Research Assistant Professor Dr. HUANG, Xin黃欣RRS631Bxinhuang
Dr. LIU, Yang劉泱RRS631Bcsygliu
Dr. WAN, Xiang萬翔FSC1008xwan
Dr. ZHANG, Zhiwei張志威RRS631Bcszwzhang
Senior Lecturer Dr. FENG, Jian馮健RRS723jfeng
Dr. LEE, Fion Sau Ling李秀玲RRS725fionlee
Lecturer Dr. CHOY, Martin Man Ting蔡文挺RRS635mtchoy
Dr. LAI, Jean Hok Yin黎鶴賢RRS721jeanlai
Dr. LAM, Carmen Ka Man林嘉敏RRS636kmlam
Dr. LI, Kristen Yuanxi李原曦RRS634csyxli
Dr. YAU, Joe Cho Ki邱祖淇RRS717jckyau

− email: (alias)

#email: (alias)
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