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OfficeE-mail (alias)
Mr. CAI, Zexiong蔡澤雄PhD StudentRRS735cszxcai
Mr. CHAN, Sheung Wai陳尚瑋PhD StudentRRS734cs_swchan
Mr. CHEN, Junjie陳俊杰MPhil StudentRRS701csjjchen
Ms. FU, Xiaoyi傅曉藝PhD StudentRRS726xiaoyifu
Mr. JIANG, Jiaxin蔣家鑫PhD StudentRRS726jxjian
Mr. LI, Chen李辰PhD StudentRRS701cli
Mr. LI, Guozhong李國忠PhD StudentRRS726csgzli
Mr. LI, Hao李浩PhD StudentRRS716cshaoli
Mr. LI, Lei李磊PhD StudentRRS734csleili
Mr. LIU, Chengjian劉成健PhD StudentRRS722cscjliu
Mr. LIU, Siqi劉斯奇PhD StudentRRS735siqiliu
Mr. LOU, Jian婁堅PhD StudentRRS735jianlou
Mr. LU, Yang盧楊PhD StudentRRS701yanglu
Mr. MAI, Guangcan麥廣燦PhD StudentRRS735csgcmai
Mr. PANG, Meng龐孟PhD StudentRRS735mengpang
Mr. QIAN, Dong錢冬PhD StudentRRS701dongqian
Mr. SHAO, Rui邵睿PhD StudentRRS735ruishao
Mr. SHI, Qiquan史啟權PhD StudentRRS735csqqshi
Mr. SHI, Shaohuai施少懷PhD StudentRRS722csshshi
Ms. SONG, Lihong宋麗紅PhD StudentRRS701lhsong
Mr. TAN, Qi譚棋PhD StudentRRS734csqtan
Mr. TAN, Qingxiong譚清雄PhD StudentRRS735csqxtan
Mr. WANG, Canhui王燦輝PhD StudentRRS722chwang
Mr. WANG, Qiang王強PhD StudentRRS722qiangwang
Ms. WU, Wen吳雯PhD StudentRRS734cswenwu
Mr. XU, Cheng許鋮PhD StudentRRS726chengxu
Ms. YANG, Baoyao楊寶瑤PhD StudentRRS735byyang
Mr. YE, Mang葉茫PhD StudentRRS735mangye
Mr. YE, Shujin葉樹錦PhD StudentRRS716shujinye
Mr. YI, Peipei易佩佩PhD StudentRRS726csppyi
Mr. YIN, Kejing殷可經PhD StudentRRS701cskjyin
Mr. ZHANG, Ce張策PhD StudentRRS726cezhang
Mr. ZHANG, Yiqun張逸群PhD StudentRRS735yqzhang
Mr. ZHOU, Yang周陽PhD StudentRRS735yangzhou
Ms. ZHOU, Yichao周藝超MPhil StudentRRS735yczhou
Mr. ZOU, Rong鄒戎PhD StudentRRS735rongzou

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