ASI is primarily aimed at the established "senior" scientist, but may include fresh postdoctoral fellows and students who are about to obtain their PhD. The Organizing Committee will select 60 applicants to participate based on their academic background and quality of the research work. Preferences will be given to those researchers currently working on Biometric related research. All participants are considered as ASI ˇ§studentsˇ¨. Students are required to attend ALL ASI sessions and give a poster presentation or a prototype demonstration of their research work.

No registration fee is required for selected students. All meals and banquet are included in the programme. Free accommodation during the ASI period and travel grant (upto HK$3,000) will be provided for students outside Hong Kong.

If you would like to be one of the full-time ASI students, please fill in the Application Form, in which you are required to submit (1) a 2-page CV and (2) a research article on your work to be presented (poster or system demo). You may submit a published paper and we do not claim copyright.