Biometric authentication has been studied for more than 40 years. It is one of the important research areas in information technology since 90s because of vast amount of potential applications. This Advanced Study Institute (ASI) will bring six pioneer world-famous scientists to report the latest development in biometric authentication. Each scientist will give lectures on the fundamental concepts, current state-of-the-art and practical system development to open problems for a specific biometric. Other than the lecture hours, there will be amble time (such as coffee break and evening poster session) for exchanging ideas and discussions between students and lecturers.

The objective of this ASI is to provide a stimulating scientific environment for students from Hong Kong and mainland China to learn the latest development on automated biometric authentications, exchange their views and have chance for in-depth face to face discussions. In other words, the ASI is to provide an opportunity for students to

  • learn the state-of-the-art theories, techniques, the latest practical development as well as the future trend on biometrics;

  • present their works and receive comments from the lecturers and other students during poster sessions. This would then stimulate and trigger new ideas, and pave way for further collaborations;

  • exchange ideas with lecturers and other students during demonstration, informal discussions and social program.