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Prof. Jian Pei

Prof. Jian Pei

Arthur S. Pearse Distinguished Professor of Computer Science
Duke University


Data Valuation in Federated Learning

28 Jun 2024 (Fri), 10:30 – 11:30am HKT (GMT +8)

Venue: SWT 501, Shaw Tower, Shaw Campus, HKBU

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To enable practical federated learning, we have to not only improve the efficiency but also address the incentive and fairness concerns. In this talk, I will delve into the challenges in valuation and personalization in federated learning and share our recent endeavours. Particularly, valuation in federated learning seeks to allocate credits to participants in a just and equitable manner. Personalization in federated learning addresses the individual needs of participants. In the context of federated learning, those problems have some unique challenges. For example, the federated learning process is often run only once and many participants may not be consulted in every round. I will discuss the intuitions and ideas of our latest methods and also discuss some challenges and opportunities for future work.

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