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Local Information


Welcome to Beijing


"What a great joy to have friends from afar!"
                                                       --- Confucius 486 BC


Welcome to Beijing! Beijing, the capital city of the People's Republic of China, is the nation's political and cultural center.


As an ancient city, Beijing accumulates the pure culture of China artistically. There are many of the ancient palace buildings, temple structures and gardens in Beijing. The Purple Forbidden City is the largest and most well preserved imperial residence in China. The Great Wall is one of the most renowned projects in the world. Other scenic spots such as Summer Palace, the Temple of heaven, Tiananmen Square, also embody the longstanding history and humanities of China. This is to name just a few. Beijing is attracting people all over the world with its unique charm in historical literature and art. Towards hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing now aims at being a modern city with a new spirit and charm where ancient Chinese civilization meets with modern achievements of human society.

In addition, Beijing has a continental climate. Winter is dry and cold with a little snow, while the Autumn is clear and brisk. September is one of the best seasons to visit Beijing. (Thanks for Mr. Liao Zonglin's photos)

Click here to see the photo album of Beijing.

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How to get the Visa to China


Citizens of some countries cannot enter China without valid Chinese visa. Please, review the situation in your country.


For short visit like conference, one should apply in the nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate for business visa with single entry option. Procedure is usually reduced to filling visa application and
presenting the official invitation letter. After that it takes usually a week to issue a visa.

Another possible way is to apply a sightseeing visa to China. You may ask your travel agency to apply a sightseeing visa to China for you. In this case, you do not need the official invitation letter.
We need the following information about you, if you want us sending you the official invitation letter:
(1)    Full Name (exactly as in your passport):
(2)    Sex:
(3)    Date of Birth:
(4)    Nationality:
(5)    Passport Number:
(6)    Your affiliation:
(7)    Present Occupation and Title:
(8)    Arrival Date and Departure Date:
(9)    Name of Country Where You Will Apply for the Visa:
(10)  A statement specifying who will be responsible for all expenses related to the trip.
(11)  Full Postal Address:
(12)  E-mail Address:
(13)  Telephone number:
(14)  Fax number:
(15)  Names and Relationships of Persons Traveling with You
(16)  Paper ID and Paper Title
(Note: all above information must be provided for each traveler, regardless of age)
Please send by August 20, 2004 the information to
               Prof. Chunnian Liu (WI-IAT'04)

Prof. Liu will air-mail you the official invitation letter for your visa to China after getting the above information from you. Then you use the letter to get a visa in the nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate.


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How to Get to the Conference Hotel


The King Wing Hot Spring Hotel is located near South Road of the 3rd Ring East in Beijing (see map1 and map2). There are several ways to get here:

  • If you are at the Beijing Capital International Airport, you have several ways to get to the King Wing Hot Spring hotel:
  1. The most simple and convenient way is to take the shuttle bus Line 4 from Airport to Fang Zhuang, and get off at the station "King Wing Hot Spring International Hotel". The trip takes about 60 minutes and a ticket costs is about USD2(RMB16).
  1. Take the taxi. The trip takes about 30 minutes and the standard price is about USD20(RMB160).
  • If you are at the Beijing Railway Station, you have several ways to get to the King Wing Hot Spring hotel:
  1. Take the line 713 to PanJiaYuan. From there you can change the line 300,730,830,or T8 to ShiLiHe.
  1. Take a taxi. Standard price for the trip is about RMB20.
  • If you are at the Beijing West Railway Station, you have several ways to get to the King Wing Hot Spring hotel:
  1. Take the line 741 to LiuJiaYao. From there you can change the line 803,830,or T8 to ShiLiHe.
  1. Take a taxi: Standard price for the trip is about RMB50.

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Beijing Map

Download the map of Beijing: (368KB)

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Weather Information

The daily weather forecast of Beijing supplied by:
    China Meteorological Administration (CMA) or

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