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Hotel and Tour


 Hotel Information


The 2004 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on WI and IAT will be held in King Wing Hot Spring Hotel. (All the information published here is supplied by King Wing Hot Spring Hotel. For more details, please visit the hotel's homepage.)


King Wing Hot Spring Hotel is a direct affiliate to CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China). It is located by South Road of the 3rd Ring East. With geographic superiority and transportation convenience, it's connecting Jing-Jin-Tang Freeway in the south and going straight up north to Airport Freeway. Being the first five-star international commercial hotel obtains ISO9000 certification, it successively won 2000 and 2001 "Gold Palm" awards granted for best quality by International Tour Association.

Please download the streaming video to see various features of the hotel and its amenities.
          Bedrooms, Recreation, Lobby
          Dining, Meeting, Banquets
Please click here to view the 3D Panorama of the Sunlight Conference Center
Please click here to view the Photo Slides of the hotel.

The hotel address is No.17 South Road of the 3rd Ring East, Chaoyang Dist. It needs about USD20 (RMB160) to take taxi from airport to the hotel. It is more convenient to take the shuttle bus Line 4 from Airport to Fang Zhuang, and get off at the station "King Wing Hot Spring International Hotel". The trip takes about 60 minutes and a ticket costs is about USD2(RMB16).


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Hotel Reservation


The following four kinds of rooms can be booked during the conference time. The hotel reservation form for the International Joint Conference on WI-IAT'04 can be downloaded: DOC or PDF version.

  • Please fill in this form and fax it to +86-10-6765-5969 (Hotel).

  • Please mark your attendance to the WI/IAT conference to get the special rate.

Deluxe King Bedroom ($75)

Deluxe Double Bedroom ($75)


Standard King Bedroom ($68)

Standard Double Bedroom ($68)

  • Above rates are on per room per night basis, service charge, tax and one breakfast inclusive. The price for an additional piece of breakfast is $5.

  • Each Bedroom can add at most two more beds. The rate on per additional bed per night in a room is $25 (including a piece of breakfast and service charge). If you want to add beds in your room, please fill in the information.
  • As Golden Autumn is the high season for tourism, the earlier you make the room reservation, the better.

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Banquet Information


The conference banquet will be held in Qunjude Golden Hall of Beijing Hepingmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant.

QUANJUDE, a China's famous brand , was established in 1864 (the third year of Tongzhi of Qing dynasty).


With its long history, Quanjude roast duck enjoys a high reputation among domestic and overseas consumers for the peculiar roast technique and outstanding quality.

The well-known All-Duck Banquet is headed by QUANJUDE roast duck and supported by over 400 dishes with QUANJUDE characteristic flavor. Government leaders, officials and VIPs from nearly 200 countries and regions have visited QUANJUDE roast duck restaurants and had dinner here.


Quanjude Golden Hall can host 400 people at a time. It is equipped with a standard stage, a catwalk, professional audio and lighting facilities, a multimedia computer system, an electronic screen and a large-scale projection screen. It is a comprehensive service site combining B&F with conference, show and entertainment facilities.


A small tour around the world famous Tiananmen Square, the heart area of Beijing and China is planned on the way to the banquet.


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Tour Information

WI/IAT'04 will organize one-day post-conference tour on Sept. 24 to the world famous resorts, The Great Wall and The Ming Tombs.
The Great Wall and The Ming Tombs are both on the World Heritage List, selected by UNESO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The Great Wall is part of the cultural heritage of the whole world. It is a gigantic defensive project whose beginnings can be traced back to the 7th century B.C. As the saying in China --- "you are not a man if you have not been to the Great Wall". Nobody can afford to miss the chance to visit the Great Wall if one comes to Beijing.


The Great Wall at Badaling is one of the best-preserved sections of the Great Wall. The Badaling Section is a strategic pass in the Great Wall. Badaling literally means "giving access to every direction". This section was built in 14th century. The walls are 10m high, 4m thick, 6.5m wide and more than 600m in circumference.


The Badaling section of the Great Wall snakes along the mountains northwest of Beijing. The mountains become grander due to the Great Wall and the Great Wall becomes steeper along with the mountains.


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The Ming Tombs are located in the hills 50 kilometers to the northwest of Beijing. Construction of the tombs started in 1409 and ended with the fall of the Ming Dynasty in 1644. They are scattered over a basin approximately 40 square kilometers in area, screened by mountains on three sides and open to the Beijing Plain in the south.


Out of the sixteen emperors of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), thirteen lie here with their empresses and concubines and therefore called "Ming's Thirteen Tombs" in Chinese. The Ming Tombs were added to the World Heritage List during the 27th session of the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee. The trip to the Ming Tombs certainly gives you a better understanding of the Ming Dynasty art, the tomb structure and the emperor's extravagance in building the tomb.


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