Undergraduate’s Privacy-Preserving KYC Final Year Project Earns Dual Recognition and Showcases the Impact of Academic Projects on Student Development

14 Nov 2023
Dezhi Chen earns dual recognition for “Privacy-Preserving KYC” project at the InnoServe Wards 2023, showcasing the success of his outstanding final year project.

Dezhi Chen, an outstanding undergraduate from the class of 2023, who studied BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, has garnered dual recognition at the 28th International ICT Innovative Services Awards 2023 (InnoServe Awards) for his final year project titled “Privacy-Preserving KYC”. His innovative project has not only secured him the 1st runner-up position in the "International Communication - Chinese Category” and also earned him the Best Innovation Award of "International Communication - English Category”.

Dezhi’s project focused on developing a robust solution for KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes with a keen eye on protecting individual’s real identities, is particularly relevant in the rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem. His journey to success traces back to his earlier triumph at the 2023 Pan-Pearl River Delta + University IT Projects Competition Fina in July, where he clinched the first prize. This initial victory laid the foundation for the refinement and enhancement of his project, ultimately leading to his outstanding success at the InnoServe Awards.

Professor Jianliang Xu, Head of the Department of Computer Science, also the supervisor of Dezhi's final year project, praised Dezhi for his outstanding performance at the competition. “Dezhi's achievements will serve as an inspiration for other students, motivating them to pursue excellence in their projects and highlighting the importance of passion and determination,” he added.

The InnoServe Awards, also known as the International ICT Innovative Services Awards, is a yearly event for tertiary school students. The awards aim to provide a platform for students to showcase their final-year projects and promote academic-industry collaboration by integrating academic training with practical experiences.

Dezhi's project not only demonstrates his technical competence and innovative mindset, but also illustrates the practical implications of final year projects. These projects play a crucial role in shaping students into professionals with practical skills, fostering innovation, and preparing them for success in their future careers.