Date Title Media
4 Sep 2023 微软x浸大研发WizardCoder AI程序师 性能胜Bard等语言模型 网易 163
3 Sep 2023 微軟 x 浸大研發 WizardCoder AI 程式師 性能大勝 Claude、 Bard 等語言模型 UNWIRE.HK
27 Aug 2023 GPT-4’s Killer Instinct Exposed: Can It Take Down Closed-Source Models? IGeekphone
24 Aug 2023 Researchers from Microsoft and Hong Kong Baptist University Introduce WizardCoder: A Code Evol-Instruct Fine-Tuned Code LLM Marktechpost
12 Jul 2023 Hong Kong Baptist University computer scientists use AI to give colour to 1922 movie Danse Macabre South China Morning Post (Young Post)
6 Jul 2023 大學生計算機創新作品賽舉行頒獎典禮 港隊獲參賽18年來最佳成績 橙新聞
5 Jul 2023 浸大研AI修復 百年默片添色彩 星島日報
29 May 2023 浸大跨科培育創科醫療康健人才 星島日報
5 Mar 2023 NFT良莠不齊入市勿貪「潮」 星島日報
5 Mar 2023 未納監管範圍 學者籲須發牌 星島日報
31 Jan 2023 Common Room (12:01 -20:41)
"Open Space with St. Louis School (Medical Intelligent Aid (M.I.A.))"
26 Jan 2023 Thursday in the Common Room with Ben Cullen (38:18 - 50:30)
"Open Space with Diocesan Girls’ School (Art In Anxiety Out)"