Grants & Projects

Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) Early Career Scheme (ECS) General Research Fund (GRF) RGC Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS) Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF) NSFC Research Fund NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme Research Impact Fund (RIF) Quality Education Fund (QEF) HKBU Faculty Research Grant (FRG) Grant for Faculty Niche Research Areas (FNRA)

Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2023-2024 Dr. Huang Xin Federated Graph Management and Querying: Subgraphs, Keywords, and Privacy (HKBU / PolyU) RGC/C2003-23Y
2023-2024 Dr. Zhang Eric Lu Improved Metabolic Network Reconstruction and Metabolite Profiles Prediction using Complete and Strain-Resolved Microbial Genomes (HKBU / CityU) RGC/C2004-23Y
2021-2022 Prof. Chu, Xiaowen (Co-PI) User-Controlled Secure Data Sharing and Analytics with Blockchain and Trusted Computing Technologies (HKBU / CityU, PolyU, HKUST) RGC/C2004-21GF
2021-2022 Prof. Liu Jiming (Co-PI) High performance deep learning clusters for big data analytics (PolyU / HKBU, CUHK) RGC/C5036-21EF
2021-2022 Prof. Xu Jianliang (PI) User-Controlled Secure Data Sharing and Analytics with Blockchain and Trusted Computing Technologies (HKBU / CityU, PolyU, HKUST) RGC/C2004-21GF
2018-2019 Prof. Xu Jianliang (Co-PI) A Human-Powered Machine Learning System (HKUST / HKBU, PolyU) RGC/C6030-18GF
2016-2017 Prof. Xu Jianliang (Co-PI) Security and Privacy-enhancing Technologies for Cloud Storage of Big Data (CityU / HKBU, PolyU, HKU) RGC/C1008-16G

Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2023-2024 Dr. Yang Renchi Realtime Relevance Search over Massive Attributed Graphs ECS/HKBU22202623
2022-2023 Dr. Ma Jing Conversation-based Reasoning for Explainable Fake News Detection via Weakly Supervised Evidence Detection ECS/HKBU22200722
2022-2023 Dr. Xue Wei Expressive and Controllable AI Music Creation based on Audio-Oriented Representation Analysis on Large-scale Data ECS/HKBU22201322
2020-2021 Dr. Han Bo Trustworthy Deep Learning from Open-set Corrupted Data ECS/HKBU22200720
2020-2021 Dr. Huang Xin Efficient Community Search on Large Directed Graphs ECS/HKBU22200320
2019-2020 Dr. Zhang Eric Lu A computational framework to prioritize disease-associated low frequency variants from Identity-By-Descent regions ECS/HKBU22201419
2017-2018 Dr Chen Lisi Cluster-based Publish/Subscribe for Textual Data Streams ECS/HKBU22201617
2014-2015 Dr. Lu Haiping Dimensionality Reduction for Learning Correlations between Big Multidimensional Data ECS/HKBU22200014
2012-2013 Prof. Chen Li Research on Incorporating Feature-level Opinion Mining Outcomes into Modeling/Eliciting Potential Customers’ Multi-criteria Preferences and Generating High-value Products' Recommendation in E-commerce ECS/HKBU211912

General Research Fund (GRF)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2023-2024 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Semi-supervised Classification of Long-tailed Data with Hierarchically Related Labels in a Concept Drift Environment RGC/HKBU12201323
2023-2024 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Querying Large Networks of Cryptocurrencies RGC/HKBU12203123
2023-2024 Dr. Huang Xin Efficient Algorithms for Truss Maintenance over Large Dynamic Graphs RGC/HKBU12201923
2022-2023 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Unsupervised Multi-source Domain Adaptation Approach to Deep Classification under a Complex Environment: A Challenging Problem? RGC/HKBU12202622
2022-2023 Prof. Liu Jiming Learning with Complex Data: A Mutual-Information-Guided Deep Learning (MIGDL) Framework RGC/HKBU12203122
2022-2023 Dr. Peng Zhe Towards Efficient and Verifiable SQL Queries with Trusted Hardware in Blockchain Systems RGC/HKBU12202922
2022-2023 Prof. Xu Jianliang When Learned Index Meets Blockchain: Design, Algorithms, and Performance Evaluation RGC/HKBU12200022
2022-2023 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Identifying High-Risk Early-Stage Chronic Liver Disease Patients: A Test-Time Training Approach RGC/HKBU12200122
2021-2022 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai Towards Clinically Accurate Medical Image Report Generation Using Deep Generative Models RGC/HKBU12202621
2021-2022 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming On Detecting Cross-modal Emotional Inconsistency for Early Screening of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder RGC/HKBU12201321
2021-2022 Dr. Huang Xin Interactive Search and Summarization on Hierarchical Directed Acyclic Graphs RGC/HKBU12200021
2021-2022 Prof. Xu Jianliang Federated Data Analytics using Hardware Enclaves RGC/HKBU12202221
2020-2021 Prof. Chen Li Research on Generating Explainable Serendipity-Oriented Recommendations based on Knowledge Graph RGC/HKBU12201620
2020-2021 Prof. Liu Jiming Extracting Homogeneity and Heterogeneity of Different Learning Tasks: A Novel Multi-Task Learning Framework for Feature Extraction, Regression, and Spatio-Temporal Prediction RGC/HKBU12202220
2020-2021 Prof. Xu Jianliang Stateless Blockchains for Scalable Transaction Processing RGC/HKBU12201520
2020-2021 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Towards Open-world Face Presentation Attack Detection: An Asymmetric Bi-Meta Learning for Domain Generalization Approach RGC/HKBU12200820
2019-2020 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai A Temporal Tensor Factorization Framework for Phenotyping and Dynamic Patient Representation Learning Using Multi-Modal EHR Data RGC/HKBU12201219
2019-2020 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Semantic Indexing for Keyword Search on Graphs RGC/HKBU12201119
2019-2020 Prof. Liu Jiming Overcoming Data Heterogeneity, Dependency, and Noise: A Novel Spatio-Temporal Learning Framework RGC/HKBU12201619
2019-2020 Prof. Xu Jianliang Towards Integrity-Assured Search in Scalable Blockchain Systems RGC/HKBU12200819
2018-2019 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Energy-efficient Training of Multiple Deep Learning Models on GPU Clusters RGC/HKBU12200418
2018-2019 Prof. Liu Jiming Modeling and Inferring Latent Diffusion Networks for Active Surveillance and Prediction of Infectious Diseases RGC/HKBU12201318
2018-2019 Prof. Xu Jianliang Verifiable Publish/Subscribe Queries over Outsourced Data Streams RGC/HKBU12201018
2018-2019 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Unsupervised Domain Adaptation without Source Data and Its Application to Visual Recognition RGC/HKBU12200518
2018-2019 Dr. Zhang Zhiwei Exploring the Structural Critical Entities in Big Attributed Graphs RGC/HKBU12201518
2017-2018 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai Joint Embedding of Sequential Data and Knowledge Graphs with application to Predictive Analytics in Healthcare RGC/HKBU12202117
2017-2018 Dr. Huang Xin Efficient Graph Search Algorithms for Public-Private Social Networks RGC/HKBU12200917
2017-2018 Dr. Liu Yang Learning Deep Video Manifolds from Multiple Cameras for Abnormal Crowd Behavior Recognition RGC/HKBU12202417
2017-2018 Prof. Xu Jianliang Keyword-based Spatial Influence Queries RGC/HKBU12200817
2016-2017 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Privacy-preserving Linear Algebra Framework for Graph Query Algorithms for Massive Networks RGC/HKBU12232716
2016-2017 Dr. Lu Haiping Relaxation Methods in Principal and Discriminative Component Analysis for Tensor Data RGC/HKBU12248616
2016-2017 Prof. Xu Jianliang Authenticated Analytical Query Services on Set-Valued Data RGC/HKBU12244916
2016-2017 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Two Research Issues in Long-Term Visual Tracking: Target Re-detection and Robustness RGC/HKBU12254316
2016-2017 Dr. Zhang Zhiwei A New Contraction & Expansion Framework for I/O Efficient Graph Processing RGC/HKBU12258116
2015-2016 Prof. Chen Li Research on eliciting users’ implicit feedback for constructing their multi-attribute preferences in complex decision support RGC/HKBU12200415
2015-2016 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Exploratory Search on Graph Databases through Subgraph Query Feedback RGC/HKBU12201315
2015-2016 Prof. Liu Jiming Uncovering Spatiotemporal Patterns of Disease Diffusion through Data-Driven Phylogeographic Inference RGC/HKBU12202415
2015-2016 Dr. Lu Haiping Learning Independent Components with Tensor-based Modelling for Big fMRI Data RGC/HKBU12200915
2015-2016 Prof. Xu Jianliang Social-Aware Ridesharing in Location-Based Services RGC/HKBU12201615
2015-2016 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Face Anti-spoofing to Combat Mask Attacks: a Remote Photoplethysmography Approach RGC/HKBU12201215
2014-2015 Dr. Chen Rui Differentially Private Publication of Network Data via Density-Based Exploration and Reconstruction RGC/HKBU12200114
2014-2015 Dr. Hu Haibo Incognito Browsing of Spatial-Temporal Data Using Computational Private Information Retrieval RGC/HKBU12200914
2014-2015 Dr. Lim Meng-hui Entropy Measurement of Multiple-Acceptable-Input-based Biometric Systems RGC/HKBU12201414
2014-2015 Dr. Wan Xiang Characterizing the disease diffusion in networks and its empirical application RGC/HKBU12202114
2014-2015 Dr. Wang Yi Learning binary codes for effective and efficient search of multibiometric features RGC/HKBU12202214
2014-2015 Prof. Xu Jianliang Authenticated Queries for Cloud-Assisted Multi-Source Data Collection RGC/HKBU12202414
2014-2015 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Weakly Supervised Domain Adaptation for Video Surveillance in Large-scale Camera Networks RGC/HKBU12202514
2013-2014 Dr. Ho Shu-lim A Multi-resolution Spatial Relation based Representation for Close Character Interactions Analysis and Synthesis RGC/HKBU210813
2013-2014 Dr. Liu Hai Distributed Traffic Control and Navigation (DTCN) System for Next-Generation Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks RGC/HKBU211513
2013-2014 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Robust Information Fusion and its Applications in Video Surveillance RGC/HKBU212313
2013-2014 Dr. Zhu Hailong Development of an Integrative Model for Reconstructing Dynamic Transcriptional Regulatory Networks from High Throughput Data RGC/HKBU212613
2012-2013 Prof. Chu Xiaowen A User-Assisted Network Coding based Cloud Storage System RGC/HKBU210412
2012-2013 Dr. Hu Haibo Spatio-Temporal Attestation for Location-based Services Using Private Signatures RGC/HKBU210612
2012-2013 Prof. Liu Jiming A Computational Method of Inferring Disease Diffusion Networks and its Empirical Validation in Epidemiologic Surveillance RGC/HKBU211212
2012-2013 Dr. Tam Hon-Wah Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Nonlinear Integrable Systems RGC/HKBU202512
2012-2013 Prof. Xu Jianliang iGPS: Privacy-Preserving Geo-Proximity Services in Location-based Social Networks RGC/HKBU211512
2012-2013 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Multimodal Biometric Template Protection: Template Security and Recognition Performance RGC/HKBU211612
2011-2012 Dr. Hu Haibo Privacy-Conscious Query Authentication for Outsourced and Cloud Databases RGC/HKBU210811
2011-2012 Dr. Zhu Hailong A Stage-varying Methodology That Can Reconstruct the Dynamic Gene Regulations During the Process of Cancer Progression From Stage-course Transcriptional Data RGC/HKBU212111
2010-2011 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai A Decision Support System for Identifying Causes of Delays and Evaluating Impact of Process Improvement Strategies on Cancer Patient Journey Improvement RGC/HKBU210410
2010-2011 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Adaptive Filtering for Efficient Subgraph Isomorphism in Graph Databases RGC/HKBU210510
2010-2011 Prof. Xu Jianliang Transaction Management for Flash-based Database Systems: Protocols, Implementations and Optimizations RGC/HKBU211510
2009-2010 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Off-line Text-independent Writer Identification of Handwriting Document Using Non-separable Wavelet Transform RGC/HKBU210309
2009-2010 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Optimizations for the View Update Problem with Emerging Applications RGC/HKBU210409
2009-2010 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Semantic Access and Characterisation of Web Images RGC/HKBU210709
2009-2010 Dr. Liu Hai Maximizing Lifetime of Sensor-Target Surveillance in Wireless Sensor Networks RGC/HKBU211009
2009-2010 Dr. Tam Hon-Wah Discrete Integrable Systems and Their Applications to Convergence Acceleration Algorithms RGC/HKBU202209
2008-2009 Prof. Liu Jiming Mechanism Design for Multiagent Systems in Distributed Data Mining RGC/HKBU210508
2008-2009 Prof. Xu Jianliang Query Processing in Flash-Based Storage-Centric Sensor Networks RGC/HKBU210808
2008-2009 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Generating Secure and Discriminative Cancelable Face Biometric Templates RGC/HKBU210908
2007-2008 Dr. Tam Hon-wah A Bilinear Study of Q-difference Type, Nonisospectral Type and Multi-component Fully-discrete Type of Soliton Equations RGC/HKBU202007
2007-2008 Prof. Xu Jianliang Data-Centric Filter Management and Routing Optimization for Distributed Monitoring Systems RGC/HKBU211307
2006-2007 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai A Model-based Approach to Distributed Data Mining with Privacy Preservation RGC/HKBU210206
2006-2007 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming A Study of RBF Network for Classifying Chinese Herbal Fingerprints RGC/HKBU210306
2006-2007 Prof. Chu Xiaowen A Microeconomic Approach for Digital Rights Management in P2P Networks RGC/HKBU210406
2006-2007 Dr. Sim Kwang Mong Ben Optimal Bargaining Strategy and Relaxed-criteria Protocol for Grid Resource Allocation RGC/HKBU210906
2006-2007 Prof. Xu Jianliang iPDA: Privacy-Preserving Location-based Data Access in Mobile Environments RGC/HKBU211206
2006-2007 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi A Study of Kernel Function and its Parameters for Kernel Discriminant Analysis on Face Recognition RGC/HKBU211306

RGC Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2023-2024 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Facial Reenactment in a Monocular Video Stream for Speaker Verification and Its Applications RGC/SRFS2324-2S02

Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2021-2022 Prof. Ng Joseph Kee-yin Trial: An IoMT-based Location Analytics System for Smart AED Operations @TSWH ITT/009/21LP
2021-2022 Dr. Zhang Eric Lu Computational models for health management system using multi-source data GHX/133/20SZ
2018-2019 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming On Developing a Lip-password Based Face Recognition System ITS/339/18
2016-2017 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Big Data and Deep Learning Based Online Education Platform ITS/443/16FX
2015-2016 Prof. Xu Jianliang Privacy Preserving Large-Scale Indoor Location Tracking using Wearable Devices ITS/288/15FX
2014-2015 Prof. Chu Xiaowen A Traditional Writing-based Interactive Online Education Platform ITS/271/14FX
2014-2015 Prof. Ng Joseph Kee-yin Indoor Location Analytics System for Exhibition and Convention Industries ITP/048/14LP
2013-2014 Dr. Hu Haibo Hybrid Geofencing Systems for Elderly and Child Care ITS/231/13FX
2012-2013 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Education Data Mining Based Personalized Mathematics Teaching System for Primary and Middle Schools ITS/166/12FX

NSFC Research Fund

Please click HERE for the details of projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Research Funds.

NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2023-2024 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi A Privacy-Preserving Generalised Heterogeneous Federated Learning Framework for Biometrics Verification N_HKBU212/23
2022-2023 Prof. Liu Jiming Multi-scale Spatio-temporal Modeling, Learning, and Inference Methods for Complex Infectious Disease Systems N_HKBU222/22
2021-2022 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Developing Machine Learning Methods for Industrial Big Data Analysis and Traceability of Product Quality Abnormality N_HKBU214/21

Research Impact Fund (RIF)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2023-2024 Prof. Xu Jianliang (Co-PI) Integrating ChatGPT with Search Engine, Recommender System and Online Advertising to Enhance User Experience on Online Service Platforms RIF R1015-23
2023-2024 Dr Qi Jun (Co-PI) Empowering Hong Kong Finance with A Quantum Algorithm Platform RIF R6010-23
2020-2021 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau (Co-PI) Exploring the role of big data analytics in promoting smart low-carbon cities: A human-centered, community-based, and deep engagement approach in Hong Kong RIF R2002-20
2020-2021 Prof. Chu, Xiaowen (Co-PI) Enabling Secure and Efficient Cross-Silo Federated Learning at Scale RIF R6021-20
2019-2020 Prof. Xu Jianliang (Co-PI) Development and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Online Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Program for Hong Kong People with Social Anxiety Disorder RIF R2018-18

Quality Education Fund (QEF)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2013-2014 Dr. Lee Fion Sau-ling Collaborative and Interactive Mobile Platform for LEarning (CIMPLE) EDB/QEF/2012/0227
2006-2007 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai A Critiquing System for Enhancing Writing Competency Using Automatic Text Analysis EDB/QEF/2005/0279

HKBU Faculty Research Grant (FRG)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2017-2018 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Study of Distance Metric for Ordinal Data Learning FRG2/17-18/082
2017-2018 Prof. Liu Jiming Inferring Latent Networks for Active Surveillance and Prediction of Infectious Diseases FRG2/17-18/027
2016-2017 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming A Study of Hierarchical Clustering Based on Multi-layer Topology Training FRG2/16-17/051
2016-2017 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Ontology-based Indexing for Keyword Search on Graphs FRG2/16-17/093
2016-2017 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Wireless Indoor Localization with Frame Theory FRG2/16-17/048
2016-2017 Dr. Liu Yang Constraint-based Multi-label Dimensionality Reduction for Image Classification FRG2/16-17/032
2016-2017 Prof. Ng Joseph Kee-yin Wireless Localization in Time-Varying Indoor Environment FRG2/16-17/096
2016-2017 Dr. Wan Xiang A New Method for Regularized Discriminant Analysis Using Geometric Diagonalization FRG2/16-17/020
2015-2016 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming An Efficient Approach to Finding Solutions of Non-differentiable and Multi-modal Optimization Problems FRG2/15-16/049
2014-2015 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming On Distance Metric for Unsupervised Learning of Categorical Data FRG2/14-15/075
2014-2015 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming An Efficient Approach to Lip Tracking FRG1/14-15/041
2014-2015 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Power Management of GPU Accelerated Data Centers FRG2/14-15/059
2014-2015 Dr. Ho Shu-lim Modelling Temporal Structure for Robust and Efficient Human Action Recognition FRG2/14-15/105
2014-2015 Dr. Liu Hai Adaptive Transmission and Energy-efficient Data Gathering for Prolonging Lifetime of WBANs with Inter-Network Interference FRG2/14-15/107
2014-2015 Prof. Ng Joseph Kee-yin A Prototyping Environment for Tracking Users for Realizing Ubiquitous Healthcare FRG1/14-15/063
2014-2015 Dr. Zhu Hailong Computational Drug Screening for Ebola Virus Infection Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Database FRG2/14-15/063
2013-2014 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai Harvesting Users' Mobile Apps Installation and Usage Information in Mobile Devices for Collaborative and Context-aware Mobile Apps Recommendation FRG2/13-14/050
2013-2014 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Structure-preserving Subgraph Query Services FRG2/13-14/073
2013-2014 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Accelerating Cauchy Reed-Solomon Coding by GPUs FRG2/13-14/052
2013-2014 Dr. Ho Shu-lim Monitoring Posture for Workplace Health and Safety with A Depth Camera FRG2/13-14/092
2013-2014 Dr. Hu Haibo Privacy-Preserving Integrity Assurance for Location Trajectories FRG2/13-14/080
2013-2014 Dr. Lam Albert Yun-sang Parallel Chemical Reaction Optimization FRG2/13-14/045
2013-2014 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Image Search and Indexing Based on Contextual and Ontological Associations FRG2/13-14/029
2013-2014 Dr. Liu Hai Maximizing Lifetime of Wireless Body Area Networks FRG2/13-14/091
2013-2014 Prof. Xu Jianliang Location Search in Mobile Services FRG1/13-14/042
2013-2014 Prof. Xu Jianliang Multi-Source Query Authentication FRG2/13-14/064
2013-2014 Dr. Zhang Yu Dynamic Diffusion Networks Based on Context Information FRG2/13-14/039
2013-2014 Dr. Zhu Hailong A Computational Framework of Modeling the Transcriptional Regulation in Single Cells FRG2/13-14/056
2012-2013 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Study on Detection of Visually Salient Image Regions Using Regional and Global Saliencies FRG2/12-13/082
2012-2013 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Trusted Subgraph Similarity Query Services FRG2/12-13/079
2012-2013 Dr. Ho Shu-lim Synthesizing Physically Valid Close Interactions for Controlling Humanoid Characters and Robots FRG1/12-13/055
2012-2013 Dr. Ho Shu-lim Research on Efficient Multi-Character Motion Adaptation Based on A Multi-resolution Hierarchical Model for Spacetime Optimization FRG2/12-13/078
2012-2013 Dr. Hu Haibo Private Browsing Techniques for Location-based Map Data FRG2/12-13/042
2012-2013 Dr. Liu Hai Partial-Bi-Connectivity of Cognitive Radio Networks with Multiple Radios FRG2/12-13/055
2012-2013 Prof. Xu Jianliang Reverse Keyword Search in Spatio-Textual Queries FRG2/12-13/081
2012-2013 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi A Reliable Security Measure for Binary-Template-Based Biometric System FRG2/12-13/076
2012-2013 Dr. Zhu Hailong A Pilot Study of Modeling the Dynamic Gene Regulation during the Developmental Cycle of Human Malaria Parasite FRG2/12-13/061
2011-2012 Prof. Chen Li Inference Learning of Users' Self-Comparison Process in Recommender Systems FRG2/11-12/049
2011-2012 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming A Study of Cooperative and Penalized Competitive Learning Mechanisms in Maximum Weighted Likelihood Framework for Mixture Model Clustering FRG2/11-12/067
2011-2012 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Heterogeneous Computing Based Search Engine for Protein Identification FRG2/11-12/158
2011-2012 Dr. Hu Haibo Location Authentication Techniques for Mobile Clients FRG2/11-12/140
2011-2012 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Knowledge-based Image Retrieval Using Collaborative Filtering FRG2/11-12/161
2011-2012 Dr. Liu Hai Construction and Maintenance of Generalized K-connected Topologies in Cognitive Radio Networks FRG2/11-12/160
2011-2012 Dr. Tam Hon-wah Numerical Computations and Theoretic Analysis of Soliton Equations FRG2/11-12/065
2011-2012 Dr. Xiao Bo An Empirical Investigation of Cyber-Bullying Behavior among University Students FRG2/11-12/171
2011-2012 Prof. Xu Jianliang μPDA: Mutual Privacy-Preserving Data Access in Mobile Geo-Social Networking Services FRG2/11-12/074
2011-2012 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Person Re-identification from Surveillance Videos FRG2/11-12/137
2011-2012 Dr. Zhu Hailong A Simulation Study of Identifying the Transcriptional Regulatory Network FRG2/11-12/099
2010-2011 Prof. Chen Li Studying the Role of Social Opinions in Building Explanatory Mechanism for Utility-based Recommender Systems FRG2/10-11/041
2010-2011 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming A Study of Unsupervised Lip Segmentation Based on Multi-Layer Markov Random Field FRG2/10-11/056
2010-2011 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Side-effect Estimation in View Update FRG2/10-11/106
2010-2011 Prof. Chu Xiaowen High Throughput Protein Identification from Mass Spectrometry Data on GPU Clusters FRG2/10-11/099
2010-2011 Dr. Hu Haibo Privacy-Conscious Query Processing on Outsourced Database through Privacy Homomorphism FRG1/10-11/047
2010-2011 Dr. Hu Haibo Privacy-Preserving Techniques for Mobile Location-Based Services FRG2/10-11/109
2010-2011 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Emotion-based Music Retrieval and Recommendation FRG2/10-11/103
2010-2011 Dr. Li Chun-hung Social Semantic Analysis with Applications to Healthcare Data FRG2/10-11/107
2010-2011 Dr. Liu Hai QoS-concerned Rendezvous in Cognitive Radio Networks FRG1/10-11/036
2010-2011 Dr. Liu Hai Minimum Latency of Broadcasting and Beaconing in Multihop Wireless Networks with Multiple Radios and Multiple Channels FRG2/10-11/111
2010-2011 Prof. Liu Jiming Modeling and Scalable Mining of Hidden Network Community Structures FRG2/10-11/110
2010-2011 Dr. Xiao Bo The Asymmetric Effect of Trust and Distrust: An Empirical Investigation in a Deception Detection Context FRG1/10-11/009
2010-2011 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Learning Features Dependency for Human Action Recognition FRG2/10-11-077
2009-2010 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming On Developing A Local Region Based Approach to Lip Tracking FRG2/09-10/098
2009-2010 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Hiding Emerging Patterns in Data Publishing FRG2/09-10/054
2009-2010 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Towards Practical and Secure Random Linear Network Coding FRG2/09-10/081
2009-2010 Dr. Feng Jian Video Streaming Techniques in Wireless Mesh Networks FRG2/09-10/080
2009-2010 Dr. Hu Haibo Private Distance-Based Query on Private Data without Trusted Middleware FRG2/09-10/047
2009-2010 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Prediction of Image Query Behaviour Using Time Series Models FRG2/09-10/099
2009-2010 Dr. Li Chun-hung Opinion Feature Mining Using Factorization Method FRG2/09-10/052
2009-2010 Dr. Liu Hai Minimum Latency of Aggregation and Gathering in Multihop Wireless Networks with Multiple Radios and Multiple Channels FRG2/09-10/088
2009-2010 Prof. Liu Jiming Distributed Network Community Mining FRG2/09-10/036
2009-2010 Prof. Ng Joseph Kee-yin Locating and Tracking Hacker Activities Within A Wireless Network FRG2/09-10/056
2009-2010 Prof. Tang Yuan-yan Intelligent Behavior of Virtual Human in the 3D Graphical Environment FRG2/09-10/024
2009-2010 Dr. Xiao Bo Assessing the Quality and Knowledge Contribution of Top IS Journals: A Citation Analysis FRG2/09-10/038
2009-2010 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi Very Low Resolution Face Recognition Problem FRG2/09-10/065
2008-2009 Prof. Chen Li Cross-Cultural Usability Evaluation and Interface Design in Recommender Systems FRG2/08-09/127
2008-2009 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai On Scalability and Compressibility of an NMF-based POMDP Compression Method FRG2/08-09/124
2008-2009 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming A Study of Maximum Weighted Likelihood Approach to Density Mixture Clustering with Feature Weighting FRG2/08-09/122
2008-2009 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Updates of Bisimulation of Graphs FRG2/08-09/091
2008-2009 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Accelerating Large-Scale Data Mining and Visualization by GPUs FRG2/08-09/098
2008-2009 Dr. Hu Haibo Privacy-Guaranteed Nearest Neighbor Query FRG/08-09/II-48
2008-2009 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Probabilistic Analysis and Modelling of Image Performance Efficiency for Infinite Repositories FRG/08-09/II-56
2008-2009 Prof. Leung Yiu-wing Improved Elitism for Evolutionary Multiobjective Programming FRG1/08-09/027
2008-2009 Dr. Li Chun-hung On Development of User-Context Model and Topic Detection in Social Media FRG2/08-09/103
2008-2009 Dr. Liu Hai Sensor Placement and Scheduling to Maximize the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks FRG/08-09/II-41
2008-2009 Prof. Ng Joseph Kee-yin Enhancement on Location Estimation Algorithms Based on WLAN and Mobile Phone Networks FRG/08-09/II-55
2008-2009 Prof. Tang Yuan-yan Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) Approach to Face Recognition FRG/08-09/II-07
2008-2009 Dr. Xiao Bo An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Perceived Verifiability and Perceived Similarity on Consumers' Perceived Deception of Product Recommendation Agents FRG/08-09/II-54
2008-2009 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi A Study of Vision-based Human Activity Categorization FRG2/08-09/078
2007-2008 Prof. Cheung William Kwok-wai Privacy Policy Enforcement in Data Analysis Workflows FRG/07-08/II-75
2007-2008 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Feature Selections in Unsupervised Learning Using LLE Score FRG/07-08/II-54
2007-2008 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming On Motion Based Visual Feature Selections for Lip-reading FRG/07-08/II-88
2007-2008 Prof. Choi Byron Koon-kau Selectivity Estimation for Navigational Queries Over Graph Structured-data FRG/07-08/I-59
2007-2008 Prof. Chu Xiaowen A General Approach for Fast Extraction of Low-level Disk Characteristics FRG/07-08/II-36
2007-2008 Dr. Lee Fion Sau-ling A Prototype System for E-Business Strategies Formulation FRG/07-08/II-31
2007-2008 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Automatic Generation of High Precision Image Annotations through Concept Propagation FRG/07-08/II-72
2007-2008 Dr. Tam Hon-wah Integrable Study of the Ishimori Equation, Modified Davey-Sterwartson System and Their Coupled and Discrete Versions FRG/07-08/I-54
2007-2008 Prof. Tang Yuan-yan Dimensionality Reduction Based on Manifold Learning and Wavelet Analysis FRG/07-08/II-39
2007-2008 Prof. Xu Jianliang Privacy-Aware Location Data Publishing for Mobile Computing Applications FRG/07-08/II-23
2007-2008 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi A Study of Face Biometric Template Security FRG/07-08/II-67
2006-2007 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming On Fragile Watermarking and Robust Hashing for 3D Mesh Authentication FRG/06-07/II-07
2006-2007 Prof. Chu Xiaowen Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11 Based Wireless LAN with Internal UDP Traffic FRG/06-07/II-69
2006-2007 Dr. Feng Jian Error Resilient Video Transmission in Wireless Networks FRG/06-07/II-06
2006-2007 Prof. Leung Clement Ho-cheung Associative Indexing for Semantic Visual Information Discovery FRG/06-07/II-65
2006-2007 Dr. Li Chun-hung Regularization Approach to Clasifier and Regressor Combination FRG/06-07/II-31
2006-2007 Prof. Liu Jiming Autonomy Oriented Computing (AOC) Systems for Large-Scale, Distributed Computational Problem Solving FRG/06-07/II-66
2006-2007 Dr. Sim Ben Kwang-mong A Markov Chain Decision Making Strategy for Dynamic Negotiation with Outside Options FRG/06-07/II-40
2006-2007 Dr. Sim Ben Kwang-mong
Dr. Zhang Minjie (AUST)
A Colored-Petri Net Approach for Modeling Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations FRG/06-07/I-05
2006-2007 Prof. Tang Yuan-yan Feature Extraction in Handwriting-Based Personal Identification by Wavelet-Like Transform FRG/06-07/II-19
2006-2007 Prof. Yuen Pong-chi
Prof. Qiu Guoping
A Study of Information Theoretic Filtering for Feature Detection in Video FRG/06-07/II-33

Grant for Faculty Niche Research Areas (FNRA)

Period Principal Investigator Project Title Source of Funding
2022-2023 Dr. Han Bo Towards Provably Efficient and Applicable Learning Algorithms for Out-of-distribution Detection RC-FNRA-IG/22-23/SCI/04
2021-2022 Prof. Chen Li Towards a User-Adaptive Explanation Method for Conversational Recommendations RC-FNRA-IG/21-22/SCI/01
2018-2019 Prof. Cheung Yiu-ming Video Analysis on Infant's Behavior for Detecting Early Signs of Autistic Symptoms RC-FNRA-IG/18-19/SCI/03