The Department has several research laboratories with specialized hardware and software to support research in different sub-disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML), Big Data Analytics and Management (BDAM), Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Distributed Systems and Networking (DSAN), etc. There are about 80+ dedicated machines (BigDATA systems, GPU Clusters, and CPU Clusters with large RAM, etc.) for providing high performance computing resources. In addition, a PC cluster with 50+ nodes is set up for supporting research. This cluster runs MOSIX which extends Linux (openSUSE) to manage the running processes on clusters.

To make use of the latest technology, our Department employs innovation products in our systems and applications around the areas and laboratories, such as VR devices & DevKit, Google glasses, Interactive Wall, Touch TV, Structure Sensor 3D Scanning Bundle, and 3D printer etc.

Research and Development Centres/Laboratories

These centres and laboratories aim to support research and development. They are primarily used by academic staff, research staff, and postgraduate research students. The laboratories are equipped with specialised hardware and software to support research in different areas.

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