The Department has over 300 PCs integrated in a gigabit network, in addition to numerous "Services" and "Application" servers.

All systems are dual boot Windows10 and Course specific OS, with general Microsoft tools provided by the current Campus agreement and other special applications (Adobe Multimedia tools, Matlab, IBM Rational Software, Oracle, etc.) to satisfy a wide range of teaching mission. The software is updated every term and the systems are monitored closely. The equipment and PCs are upgraded regularly within 3-5 years.

Creative IT Laboratories: These coursework-related student computing laboratories aim to support teaching and learning. They are primarily used by undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as academic staff. The laboratories include:

  • Advanced Computer Laboratory (iMac)
  • Business Computing and Data Analytics Laboratory (BCDA Lab)
  • Digital Innovation Laboratory
  • Project Development Laboratories
  • Teaching Laboratories
All of which are connected to the high speed 1Gbit Network within the laboratories and 10Gbit in the back bone.