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Short Courses on Web Programming

The Department of Computer Science will organize two short courses on Web Programming during 5-7 Jan 2011 (10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:30). They are open ONLY to students of the department and they are free of charge.

The two courses will be run in parallel and students can only take one.

Course 1: Web Programming Introductory Workshop^

This workshop is designed for students without web programming background. By joining the workshop, students will be able to use various web technologies to create dynamic web pages.

- Fundamentals of web pages (HTML and tags)
- Ways to manage the visual appearance of web pages (CSS)
- Ways to enhance user interface of web pages (JavaScript)
- Overview of dynamic web pages (ASP, JSP, PHP)
- User requests processing and handling (PHP, MySQL)

^This course is more suitable for UG Year 1 and MSc students.

Course 2: Intermediate Web Programming Workshop#

The workshop is designed for students who want to become more proficient in applying web related technologies in development of web-based information systems. Participants are expected to have basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, SQL and JSP.

- State Management in JSP (Session)
- Expression Language in JSP (EL)
- Write less, do more (jQuery)
- Tricks in enhancing user friendliness (jQuery UI and plugins, AJAX)
- Social Network integration (e.g. Facebook Social plugins)
- Applying things learnt in books to real-life application development
- On-line resources and self-learning techniques

#This course is more suitable for UG Year 2 or above.

To know more about the courses or to register, please visit

Registration Deadline: Jan 2, 2011 (Sun) 23:59
(If there are more students than we can handle, those registered first and those who have not attended similar workshop will be given the priority.)

Confirmation emails will be issued to participants on or before Jan 4, 2011 (Tue).
If you have any enquiries, please contact us at

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