Dr. Jing Ma and Dr. Bo Han Advance Innovative AI Collaborations at Tencent

8 May 2024

The Department commends Dr. Jing Ma and Dr. Bo Han for their remarkable accomplishments in trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) agents and large language models (LLMs), leading to their successful selection for the esteemed 2024 Tencent Rhino-Bird Focused Research Program, showcasing a perfect integration of academic excellence and industry innovation with significant real-world applications.

Dr. Ma's project entitled “Value-aligned Credible Large Language Model” pioneers ethical considerations in AI development. "We aim to create AI that excels in safe and ethical judgment," she remarks. This initiative prioritises an intricate reward system for AI, ensuring factual accuracy while aligning outputs with human values, thereby boosting trust in AI systems.

"Pairing trust and expertise in AI go beyond mere ambition; it signals a strong commitment to redefining human-machine collaboration,” Dr. Han emphasises. His acclaimed project, titled "The Research on Trustworthy AI Agents Driven by Expert Knowledge," is tailored for seamless integration within Tencent WeChat.

Launched in 2017, the Tencent Rhino-Bird Focused Research Program supports exceptional global researchers in tackling cutting-edge research areas like machine learning, data mining, and large-scale model algorithms. Fostering industry-academic partnerships for key technological advancements and innovative applications, it encompasses four core research domains: Tencent AI Lab, Tencent WeChat, Tencent Advertising, and Tencent Fundamental Platform. This year, the program received over 440 proposals around the world, with a 14.3% acceptance rate.