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Creative IT Laboratories

Interactive Display Experience Zone

This zone equips with high-end PC connected to a large LED TV with multi-touched (32-point) screen added on top. Students can experience new ways of interacting with the computers, ranging from new ways of interacting with the computers via the new display, to new ways of creating and/or performing digital artworks and human-computer interaction experience, and to new ways of presentation and discussion enabled by the interactive display.
Sensor Enabled Augmented Realty Experience Zone

This zone installs with an interactive projector and motion capturing equipment (Kinect, camera-based motion capturing system) and a reasonably good audio system so as to enable the students to be able to work on and play back high quality digital media production projects with augmented realty element embedded. Some performance art related demos are produced based on that.
Real-time Video Recording and Annotation Zone

This zone makes ready with an iPad enable a real-time video capturing and annotation system. With the use of the system, students’ presentation and group discussion sessions can be digitally taped and stored in real-time. The PowerPoint slides will also be stored and synchronized with the video. The system also supports real-time annotation based on some pre-set rubrics so as to save the after-class time to review the video-taped sessions for giving comments. The reports can be automatically generated to be distributed to the students.

Advanced Computer Laboratory

The lab is equipped with 29 iMac machines configured with up-to-date OS and various multimedia accessories. Students have access to the equipment available for experimenting with the production of animation, computer graphics, audio, video for authoring hypertext and multimedia projects. Students get things need to start developing apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Digital Innovation Laboratory

The Digital Innovation Lab was setup in the summer of 2012. It aims to provide alternative methods to support teaching. It is divided into three zones:

Project Development Laboratory

This computer lab consists of over 100 PCs connected to Gigabit Network. All PCs can access Internet services via either campus network or our departmental broadband network.

There are a large number of PC software packages for Windows and Linux environments. Students can print their documents via different network servers to the high quality laser printers for their choice in B&W or color printing.

Our hardware and software are continuously evaluated in the face of industry trends, academic needs, and artistic exploration.

Teaching Laboratories

These three teaching labs have been configured to support teaching and learning by providing rows of computers in a lecture-style classroom set-up. Students have access to the lab computers and software to complete course assignments or learn new programs. Each lab consists of dual sets of LCD projectors and numerous of high-end PCs (from 43 to 52 respectively) that serves as our Database, e-Commerce, Networking, Software development, and Web applications lab. It provides current development tools for database, Internet, data communication programming, project and research skills in IT management.

A modern PC Cluster with 52 compute cores is setup within one of these labs. Numerous high-end HP servers up to 6-core processors and large number memory are employed as the back-end servers.
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