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Distinguished Lecture Series 2015/16 - Prof. Ching Y. Suen

Prof. Ching Y. Suen of Concordia University, Canada visited the Department and delivered a Distinguished Lecture on “Beauty and the Computer” on 10 November 2015. Prof. Suen outlined various approaches to the comprehension and analysis of human beauty and the use of these theories. His research combined three main groups of features for classification of female facial beauty, to be used with classification through support vector machines. Prof. Suen illustrated plenty of examples during the talk. The lecture was an interactive one and it was well received. Prof. Suen also shared his research insights in pattern recognition with the research postgraduate students.

Prof. Ching Y. Suen is the Director of CENPARMI and the Honorary Concordia Chair on AI & Pattern Recognition. He received his Ph.D. degree from UBC (Vancouver) and his Master's degree from the University of Hong Kong. He has served as the Chairman of the Department of Computer Science and as the Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of Concordia University.

Prof. Suen has served at numerous national and international professional societies as President, Vice-President, Governor, and Director. He has been the Principal Investigator or Consultant of 30 industrial projects. His research projects have been funded by the ENCS Faculty and the Distinguished Chair Programs at Concordia University, FCAR (Quebec), NSERC (Canada), the National Networks of Centres of Excellence (Canada), the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, and the industrial sectors in various countries, including Canada, France, Japan, Italy, and the United States.

Prof. Suen has published 5 conference proceedings, 12 books and more than 500 papers, and many of them have been widely cited while the ideas in others have been applied in practical environments involving handwriting recognition, thinning methodologies, and multiple classifiers. Prof. Suen is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Gold Medal from the University of Bari (Italy 2012), the IAPR ICDAR Award (2005), the ITAC/NSERC national award (1992), and the "Concordia Lifetime Research Achievement" and "Concordia Fellow" awards (2008 and 1998 respectively).

Prof. Suen is a fellow of the IEEE (since 1986), IAPR (1994), and the Academy of Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada (1995).Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Pattern Recognition and an Adviser or Associate Editor of 5 journals. He is not only the founder of three conferences: ICDAR, IWFHR/ICFHR, and VI, but has also organized numerous international conferences including ICPR, ICDAR, ICFHR, ICCPOL, and others. In 1997, he created the IAPR ICDAR Awards, to honour both young and established outstanding researchers in the field of Document Analysis and Recognition.


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