World Renowned Scholar Professor Toru Ishida Shares Insights on Education in the Metaverse

Feb 14, 2023
Professor Toru Ishida shares his insights on interdisciplinary education in the metaverse.

Professor Toru Ishida, Dr. Kennedy Wong Distinguished Visiting Professor of the Department of Computer Science, delivered a distinguished lecture titled "Towards Interdisciplinary Education in the Metaverse" on 9 February 2023, which attracted a crowd of over 150 attendees. The audience comprised of academics, researchers, and industry practitioners interested in exploring the potential of the metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies in cross-disciplinary education.

During the lecture, Professor Ishida provided a comprehensive review of the history of two significant research streams of the metaverse, namely simulations and interactions. He also discussed the potential applications of the metaverse in interdisciplinary education and its role in shaping future education, drawing on his extensive experience and expertise in the field of virtual reality and education.

As a world-renowned scholar in Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems and Social Innovation research, Professor Ishida has contributed significantly to the field of artificial intelligence, multiagent systems, digital cities, and intercultural collaboration. He has led several multi-million research projects and impacted society positively, including Digital City Kyoto and the Language Grid.

The Department of Computer Science is dedicated to innovative cross-disciplinary education and harnessing Web 3.0 to promote immersive learning and connect students and research across diverse disciplines and locations. The lecture demonstrated our commitment to utilising emerging technologies like the metaverse to enhance education.


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