Prominent Computer Scientist Professor Christian S. Jensen Shares Insights on Geo-Textual Data Management in Distinguished Lecture

2 Jun 2023
Professor Christian S. Jensen shares his expertise on spatial web data management in the distinguished lecture.

Professor Christian S. Jensen, an esteemed computer scientist at Aalborg University, delivered a highly insightful lecture titled “Querying Geo-Textual Data Using Keywords – A Retrospective” on 28 April 2023. As a leading expert in data management and analytics, Professor Jensen explored the significance of spatial web data management and the abundant availability of geo-tagged content on the internet.

In the lecture, Professor Jensen provided valuable insights on the background and evolution of spatial web querying and its various data sources. He highlighted the importance of local intention in retrieving objects for queries, discussing top-K spatial keyword querying and continuous top-k querying. He also addressed the wide range of functionalities that structured queries offer when necessary.

Professor Jensen is a professor of Computer Science at Aalborg University in Denmark and holds the prestigious titles of ACM and IEEE Fellow. He actively participates in numerous esteemed organisations and initiatives across Europe, including Academia Europaea, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, the Swiss National Research Program on Big Data, the scientific advisory board (SAB) of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany, and the SAB of the Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation in Norway.

His research primarily focuses on analytics encompassing machine learning, data mining, and query processing, as well as data management with a particular emphasis on temporal and spatio-temporal data.


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