Exploring the Digital Banking Innovations at Hang Seng’s ICED Hub

9 Oct 2023
Students spent an engaging afternoon with representatives of Hang Seng Bank.
Students gained invaluable insights into pioneering digital banking technology at Hang Seng’s ICED Hub.

On 3 October 2023, a group of undergraduate and postgraduate students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the corporate world at the ICED Hub, an innovative digital heart of Hang Seng Commercial Banking. The visit aimed to provide a first-hand understanding of how technology, specifically machine learning and artificial intelligence, is being integrated into everyday banking operations.

Upon the arrival, Hang Seng Bank representatives warmly welcomed our students. They provided a comprehensive overview of the bank’s pioneering use of technology, in particular highlighting the advancements developed by Hang Seng’s Wholesale Data and Analytics Department. The dialogue covered future trends, career opportunities, and the growing importance of data analytics in the banking sector. A case study, titled “Data-Driven Triggers, Machine Learning Applications in Banking” further enriched the discussions by offering a practical demonstration of these innovative concepts.

The students greatly appreciated the interactive session, which allowed them to examine the real-world application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in banking. These discussions not only broadened their vision of future banking trends but also provided a comprehensive overview of the bank’s internship programme.

The Department firmly believes that direct engagement with industry professionals significantly enhances the learning experience. We are dedicated to fostering these interactions, as they equip our students with a nuanced understanding of industry trends and their practical implications. We arrange company visits every term as part of the student's experiential learning in the real business world.

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