CS Homecoming Celebrates and Strengthens Bonds among HKBUCSers

6 Nov 2023
CS Homecoming unites nearly 80 HKBUCSers in a joyous celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the Department.
Six alumni are invited to showcase their innovative demos and share their startup journeys in the panel discussion.
Participants are immersed in the exclusive lab tours at the Visualization Research Centre and HKBU Motion and Capture Visualization Laboratory.
Participating alumni delight in reuniting old buddies and reliving cherished memories at Homecoming.

In celebration of the 35th Anniversary, the Department recently organised a heartwarming Homecoming on 4 November 2023, uniting nearly 80 HKBUCSers, including alumni, students, and faculty members in a joyous celebration of connections and shared achievements.

Professor Jianliang Xu, the Head of the Department, kicked off the event with a welcoming speech. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping the Department's history and encouraged all HKBUCSers to cherish their enduring connections with the Department. "As we gather here today, let us not only celebrate our past accomplishments but also embrace the boundless potential that lies ahead," Professor Xu remarked.

A spotlight of the event was the inspiring sharing session by six alumni who are now successful entrepreneurs. Dr. Michael Chen, VP of Technology from Cloud Mile Limited; Dr. Wilman Zou, Co-founder & CTO from Prevision Technology Limited; Dr. Kaiyong Zhao, Founder & CEO from XGRIDS; Mr. Mark Siu, Founder & CEO from ETG Holdings Limited; Mr. Cary Law, Founder & Director from Dave Travel Limited; and Ms. Kay Leung, Founder of Digitify Online Growth Limited were invited to showcase their innovations with onsite demonstrations. They also exchanged views and offered practical tips to overcome challenges at different stages of an entrepreneurial journey in the panel discussion moderated by Professor Byron Choi, Associate Head (Teaching & Learning) of the Department.

In addition to the insightful presentations, participants had the exclusive opportunity to access the state-of-the-art research facilities at the Visualization Research Centre and the HKBU Motion Capture and Visualization Laboratory. These captivating tours provided an immersive glimpse into the ongoing research and innovation initiatives of the University and the Department.

More than a platform for networking, Homecoming also served as a reunion for old friends and colleagues. Participants were delighted to revisit memories of their time at the Department, reminiscing about the shared experiences that have influenced their professional and personal growth. Following the Department’s Homecoming, 24 alumni and faculty members got connected at the Grand Reunion Dinner organised by the University with lots of laughter and memories.

The success of the event highlighted the strong relationships that have been cultivated over the years. As the Department continues its journey of excellence, it looks forward to fostering continued growth and meaningful collaboration with its dynamic community of alumni, students, and faculty.

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