Tech-cum-Career Talk Expands Students’ Professional Horizons and Cultivates Valuable Industry Connections

2 Apr 2024
Mr. Michael Pang, the Managing Director at Protiviti, highlights the career prospects for IT Consultants in Cybersecurity and IT Auditing.
CEO Mr. Arthur Chan shares the promising future of indoor positioning technologies within SagaDigits.

As part of the Department's ongoing efforts to provide students with valuable networking opportunities and comprehensive career support, two enlightening tech-cum-career talks were held on 5 March. The events showcased engaging presentations by industry experts from Protiviti Hong Kong and SagaDigits Limited, attracting nearly one hundred students, who were eager to explore the dynamic fields of IT consultancy, data analytics, and IT solutions.

Mr. Michael Pang, the Managing Director of Protiviti, shared invaluable insights into the promising career paths available to IT Consultants specialising in Cybersecurity and IT Auditing. Following this, CEO Mr. Arthur Chan shed light on the innovative workplace culture at SagaDigits Limited, a pioneering tech company dedicated to AI, big data, and advanced indoor positioning technologies.

Dr. Jean Lai, the Internship & Career Coordinator of the Department, commended the talks as pivotal to the Department's mission of bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical industry skills. “This platform not only fosters student-professional networking but also empowers students to align their academic endeavours with in-demand professional skills, thereby enhancing their readiness to enter the job market with a competitive advantage,” she remarked.

The Department is committed to forging a strong connection for student-corporate engagement through various formats of career development activities. The Tech-cum-Career Talk is one of our commitments aimed at broadening students' professional horizons and fostering meaningful industry connections.