The 27th Postgraduate Research Symposium Fosters Academic Exchange

25 Jun 2024
Panel Members and postgraduates engage in dynamic academic discussion at the 27th Postgraduate Research Symposium.
Professor Walter Gander from ETH Zurich University delivers a keynote on “ALGOL: The First Programming Language Developed AT ETH: A project of Professor Heinz Rutishauser”, shedding light on the origin of ALGOL, the pioneering programming language.
Postgraduates present their latest research at the symposium, garnering valuable insights and engaging in thought-provoking dialogues with peers and faculty members.
Students and faculty members embark on an adventurous Yacht Day Tour at Shek O, immersing themselves in the relaxing nature scenery.
During the Yacht Day Tour, students engaged in water sport activities, such as kayaking, fishing, and water sledding, creating joyful memories with peers.

The 27th annual Postgraduate Research Symposium was successfully held on 4 June 2024, showcasing our postgraduates' innovative research fields and fostering academic exchange. This year's event highlights included enlightening presentations, poster exhibitions and a Yacht Day Tour.


The Symposium commenced with an opening remark by Professor Jianliang Xu, Head of the Department and was followed by an insightful keynote by Professor Walter Gander from ETH Zurich University, titled “ALGOL: The First Programming Language Developed AT ETH: A project of Professor Heinz Rutishauser.” In his presentation, Professor Gander traced the origins of ALGOL, the pioneering programming language in the field of computer science, and highlighted Professor Rutishauser’s pivotal role in laying the foundation for compilers. The keynote gave participants a deeper appreciation for ETH’s groundbreaking work, which shaped the history of computer programming.


Following the keynote, nearly fifty postgraduate students presented on a broad spectrum of research areas, encompassing artificial intelligence, machine learning, health informatics, computer vision, federated learning, and blockchain technology. The Symposium provided a platform for postgraduates to showcase their research excellence, exchange ideas, and refine the quality of their research work.


"The Symposium has become a cornerstone of our Department's postgraduate education," Professor Jianliang Xu, Head of the Department, concluded, "It embodies our unwavering commitment to nurturing outstanding researchers. This annual event serves as a platform to empower our postgraduates and faculty members to exchange innovative ideas, and forge valuable connections."


To nurture a close-knit community among our postgraduates, each year the Department curates an enriching outdoor excursion. This year, the Yacht Day Tour took place on 8 June. Postgraduates had a great time engaging in diverse water sport activities. Through the annual Postgraduate Research Symposium and outdoor excursions, the Department provides postgraduates with a rewarding study journey. These opportunities not only expand their academic horizons, but also foster valuable bonds and connections among peers.


Awardees of the 27th Postgraduate Research Symposium

Research Performance Award

Ms. JIANG, Xue

Ms. LAN, Weichao

Mr. LIAO, Xuankun

Mr. LIN, Hongzhan

Mr. LUO, Ziyuan

Ms. SUN, Longxu

Mr. SUN, Zitan

Mr. TANG, Zhenheng

Mr. WANG, Haixin

Mr. XING, Wenpeng

Mr. YAN, Sixing

Mr. YANG, Xingxing

Mr. YIN, Chong

Mr. ZHANG, Ruiqi

Mr. ZHANG, Xinyi

Mr. ZHOU, Zhanke

Mr. ZHU, Jianing


Best Poster Award

Mr. ZHOU, Zhanke

Mr. XU, Yu

Mr. ZHANG Xinyi

Mr. HE, Fengliang

Mr. LIN, Hongzhan

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