Dr. PENG, Zhe
Dr. PENG, Zhe

BEng, MEng, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science


Dr. Zhe Peng is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Prior to joining HKBU, he was a blockchain technical director at SF Technology in 2019. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the M.E. degree in Information and Communication Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China in 2018 and 2013, respectively. In 2010, he received the B.E. degree in Communication Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University. During 2017-2018, he was a visiting student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University, supervised by Prof. Yuanyuan Yang. His primary research interests include blockchain, mobile computing, data security and privacy. His work has been published in several top-tier journals and conferences, such as TMC, TON, TASE, SIGMOD, CCS, INFOCOM, etc.

Research Interests

  • Blockchain
  • Mobile Computing
  • Data Security and Privacy

Selected Publications

  • Zhe Peng, Cheng Xu, Haixin Wang, Jinbin Huang, Jianliang Xu, and Xiaowen Chu, "P2B-Trace: Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-based Contact Tracing to Combat Pandemics", in Proc. of the ACM International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD), 2021.
  • Zhe Peng, Jinbin Huang, Haixin Wang, Shihao Wang, Xiaowen Chu, Xinzhi Zhang, Li Chen, Xin Huang, Xiaoyi Fu, Yike Guo, and Jianliang Xu, "BU-Trace: A Permissionless Mobile System for Privacy-Preserving Intelligent Contact Tracing", in Proc. of International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA) Workshop, 2021. [Best Paper Award]
  • Zhe Peng, Jianliang Xu, Xiaowen Chu, Shang Gao, Yuan Yao, Rong Gu, and Yuzhe Tang, "VFChain: Enabling Verifiable and Auditable Federated Learning via Blockchain Systems", IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (TNSE), 2021.
  • Zhe Peng, Yuan Yao, Bin Xiao, Songtao Guo, and Yuanyuan Yang, "When Urban Safety Index Inference Meets Location-based Data", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), 2019.
  • Zhe Peng, Haotian Wu, Bin Xiao, and Songtao Guo, "VQL: Providing Query Efficiency and Data Authenticity in Blockchain Systems", in Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) Workshop, 2019.
  • Shang Gao, Zecheng Li, Zhe Peng, and Bin Xiao, "Power Adjusting and Bribery Racing: Novel Mining Attacks in the Bitcoin System", in Proc. of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), 2019.
  • Zhe Peng, Shang Gao, Zecheng Li, Bin Xiao, and Yi Qian, "Vehicle Safety Improvement through Deep Learning and Mobile Sensing", IEEE Network, 2018.
  • Zhe Peng, Shang Gao, Bin Xiao, Songtao Guo, and Yuanyuan Yang, "CrowdGIS: Updating Digital Maps via Mobile Crowdsensing", IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (TASE), 2018.
  • Zhe Peng, Shang Gao, Bin Xiao, Guiyi Wei, Songtao Guo, and Yuanyuan Yang, "Indoor Floor Plan Construction through Sensing Data Collected from Smartphones", IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoTJ), 2018.
  • Yuan Yao, Zhe Peng, and Bin Xiao, "Parallel Hyper-Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-objective Route Planning in a Smart City", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (TVT), 2018.
  • Zhe Peng, Bin Xiao, Yuan Yao, Jichang Guan, and Fan Yang, "U-Safety: Urban Safety Analysis in A Smart City", in Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2017.
  • Shang Gao, Zhe Peng, Bin Xiao, Aiqun Hu, and Kui Ren, "FloodDefender: Protecting Data and Control Plane Resources under SDN-aimed DoS Attacks", in Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 2017.