Computer Science Students Win Bronze Award in the Hong Kong U-21 Internet of Things ( IoT ) Awards 2014

19 Sep 2014

A team of Computer Science students won the Bronze Award (IoT Revolution Application category) in the Hong Kong U-21 Internet of Things (IoT) Awards 2014 with their innovative application named “EyeBB: Intelligent Behaviour and Safety Tracker for Kids”.

4 Computer Science students, Mr. Liwei Wang (MSc AIS), Mr. Zhuo Chen (MPhil.), Ms. Tong Li (MSc ITM) and Mr. Kexin Pei (BSc IS), formed a team to participate in the IoT Awards 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Haibo Hu. The team was awarded the Bronze Award among over 40 submissions by tertiary education teams.

“It is very rewarding for me and the students to participate in this competition, and see how our research in ubiquitous computing can be turned into a real helpful thing to the kids as well as the society.” told by project supervisor Dr. Hu.

"Teamwork is the key to success. Our project concentrates on children safety, we hope what we have designed can contribute a little to the society. Last but not least, thanks HKBU for giving us the precious platform to communicate with other universities, thanks Dr. Hu for giving us much support.” team leader, Liwei Wang shared.

EyeBB is a smart kid behaviour analysis and monitoring application. It works with the developed Bluetooth Low Energy-based smart device "Macaron", EyeBB can help you monitor the safety of kids at home, in the school bus, and in the kindergarten. It also provides accurate behavior analysis for your kids.

The Hong Kong U-21 Internet of Things (IoT) Awards is an award stream of the Hong Kong Internet of Things Awards, with the aim to bring recognition to creative young talents who were committed to innovating and developing new IoT applications or technological products to address business issues and problems of daily lives.

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