Mr. Nianzhen Gu

  • 2023 Graduate
  • Position: Master Degree in ETH Zurich

During my four years at HKBU, I had the privilege of working with several supervisors who helped me in conducting research in various fields.

Throughout my academic journey, I have received valuable guidance and advice from numerous professors at the Department.

Much appreciate that I could be a visiting student at McGill University. I’m glad that our department can cooperate with the top universities in the world to give students more chances to explore the world.

Mr. Xinyue Hu

  • 2023 Graduate
  • Position: Master Degree in Univerisity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The academic staff at department are incredibly helpful and kind. The classes were inspiring, interesting, and interactive, and I always looked forward to attending them. I will miss my classes at HKBU.

Being a visiting student at McGill University was an awesome experience. During this overseas experience, I overcame many new challenges, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and become a more independent person. Thanks for this precious opportunity, I can go to the other side of the ocean to see different scenery, feel different cultures and learn more about this wonderful world!

Mr. Leone Li

  • 2021 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Postgraduate Study in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The key to success for doing research would be "to think, to investigate and to act". Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Mr. Tong Lin

  • 2021 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Postgraduate Study in University of Michigan

Thanks HKBU CS for being a part of my life, and thanks for letting me be part of yours.

Mr. Ronghao Ni

  • 2020 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Postgraduate Study in Carnegie Mellon University

I have been missing my university life since graduation. Plenty of interdisciplinary research opprtunities and learner autonomy gives me room to grow.

Ms. Shiying Li

  • 2018 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Data Engineer, Facebook

By the end of my sophomore year, I was unsure I was interested in computer science and felt frustrated. However, professors at HKBU CS department helped me identify my interest in data and provided me with precious opportunities in doing research in the area.

Ms. Xueyan Zou

  • 2018 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Postgraduate Study in University of Wisconsin-Madison

Faculty members in HKBU CS are friendly and care the needs of the students. The department has provided diversified opportunities, so that we could explore our own paths.

Ms. Zizhen Song

  • 2017 Graduate, Minor in CS
  • Position in 2021: Machine Learning Engineer, LinkedIn

I was particularly interested in Data Science and Machine Learning. The foundation courses such as Data Structures & Algorithms and advanced courses like Advanced Database System in HKBU CS were very useful, especially for my PhD application and internship. The study of the minor programme in CS gives me insights for deciding my career path.

Mr. Yan Wang

  • 2017 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Senior App Developer, Oracle

I always miss the good old days in HKBU CS. With abundant learning resources and professional guidance and advice of Faculty members, I was shaped into the person I am today.

Miss Sisi Rao

  • 2017 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Engineer, Google

Thank you HKBU CS for unlocking the world for me!

Ms. Hin Fong

  • 2017 Graduate
  • Position in 2017: Business Analyst, HSBC

I had a fruitful 4-year life in Computer Science Department. Department had provided so many assistants as well as opportunities to me throughout these years.

Teachers are warm hearted and willing to teach no matter what your level is, they try their best to guide you in many ways.

Besides, Computer Science Department arranges many programmes to enrich personal development of students, including student helper-you can have chances to teach junior students when you are in year 3/year 4, internships, exchanges, mentoring program, which are all only available for Computer Science students.

In particular, compulsory internship period is one of the important parts in university. It provides practical training where you can apply what you learnt from school to workplace, like database management and business thinking. After that, you would have an idea of what your strengths are and what you need to improve.

Last but not least, let me give credit to Dr. Joe Yau and Dr. Fion Lee, who give me endless support, give me advice on both academic and non-academic side, and also offer so many opportunities to me.

I have always been grateful for being a student of CSD and meeting so many nice friends here.

Ms. Liang Ruixian

  • 2017 Graduate
  • Position in 2019: Software Specialist, IT Channel (Asia) Ltd.

Thanks Department for giving me lots of opportunities to broaden my outlook and increase my technical knowledge. In one of the summer vocations, I took an internship in the Computer Graphics Laboratory (CGL) of ETH Zurich. During almost two months’ study, not only did I gain some experience on data mining research but I also made friends with local students there. Before the internship, Prof. Yuen and Prof. Cheung gave me lots of support to help me get prepared both academically and personally.

Mr. Honghao Guo

  • 2017 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Data Analysis Engineer, Shenzhen CyberAray Network Technology Co., Ltd

HKBUCS is a warm and cooperative community on a top tier international campus. Here you will find learned professors and friendly classmates to inspire your enthusiasm and make progress together. Plenty of domestic and international study, research and intern opportunities help you explore every possibility of your road ahead.

Mr. Chan Ka Long

  • 2016 Graduate
  • Position in 2019: Senior Kernel Security Researcher, Microsoft

I think the most effective way for studying is study what we interest, HKBU Computer Science is giving a chances and freedom for research and implement on student personal interest and idea, even that’s out of the scope of the programme syllabus, Dr. Martin Choy was my final project supervisor, he gave me a chances that implement the non-mainstream idea (kernel security project) in my final year project.

That experience made better understanding of OS internal, and gave a best start to kick off my career for both of my previous work in Tencent, and currently in Microsoft.

Ms. Li Hui

  • 2016 Graduate
  • Position in 2017: Software Engineer, PayPal

I graduated from HKBU Department of Computer Science in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree, and I am currently a software engineer working for PayPal. During my 4-year study, I not only gained the solid foundation in professional skills but also obtained the continuous passion towards computer science. All of this would not happen without the classes I took, the help from professors and all other study resources such as the overseas summer research opportunity in the Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkin University, USA.

Mr. Simon Zhao

  • 2016 Graduate
  • Position in 2016: Associate Consultant, Agon Hotels and Resorts Limited

What the CIS Programme has brought to me was not only academic and IT skills, but also more importantly, a way of systematic and strategic thinking and a good attitude towards problem solving. These contribute a lot to my current career as an associate consultant in the hospitality industry.

For example, database designing and programming knowledge has formed a solid platform of skills to assist my understanding of complex financial models; as well, through the day-to-day training of presentations at university, I’ve gained confidence when to present to clients and even to conduct training sessions; with flexibility of our programme, I obtained another minor degree of Business—it really helps when combining IT skills with business thinking and practical applications.

I offer special gratitude to my mentor, Dr. Kelvin Wong and all other department teachers and staffs, for they gave not only suggestions on the academic view, but also sincere guidance on all aspects related to life and my career. To the current students, I’d say that it’s your real fortune being in the CS/CIS Department; be patient, be initiative, be prepared.

Mr. Zihan Li

  • 2016 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Postgraduate Study in Carnegie Mellon University

I am passionate about Computer Science after studying in HKBU CS. The study programme helps me building a solid foundation.

Mr. Zi Wang

  • 2015 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Undoubtedly, the time of studying BSc in HKBU CS was the happiest moments in my life. Professors and staff were kind. They assisted me on both academic and daily life issues. When I asked professors' help for preparing the recommendation letters after graduation, they offered help immediately. I was truly touched and thankful to have them.

Ms. Zhuang Xie

  • 2015 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation)

The well-designed program and various internship and foreign exchange opportunities at HKBU prepared me well for my career after graduation. I will always cherish my time there and the wonderful friends I have made during those four years.

Ms. Kexin Pei

  • 2014 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Postgraduate Study in Columbia University

I felt grateful that I could join different programmes in HKBU CS such as summer research programme and scholarship schemes and they do enrich my life experience.

Ms. Lin Mao

  • 2014 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Amazon

Studying at HKBU CS department is one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities offered by the program and the mentorship provided by the top-notch faculty. The program has nurtured us to grow as a competitive CS professional and a well-rounded person in general.

Ms. Wan Chen

  • 2014 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Thank HKBU CS department for so many precious opportunities, world-class professors and resources, friendly and helpful peers. It is really a nice experience when looking backward. Appreciate all I had and what I am having.

Mr. Pei Kexin

  • 2014 Graduate
  • Position in 2016: Ph.D. student at Columbia University

I appreciate studying in the department of computer science as an undergraduate IS student. The professors here are easy to approach and willing to help. I got solid training in every aspect of the computer science. The endless opportunities (research assistant in database group, internship in HSBC, etc.) not only shaped me to become a full-stack developer but also prepared a substantial research experience for my following graduate research. The numerous kinds of awards and scholarship encouraged me to aim for the best. As a Ph.D. student at Columbia University now, I still think my time in CIS program are the most fruitful and happiest.

Mr. Shen Gao

  • 2013 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Development Engineer, Google Zurich

Special thanks to Prof. Jianliang Xu for his guidance and patience. I could make good use of these invaluable assets in my study and work.

Ms. Xiaoyu Fan

  • 2012 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Postgraduate Study in Northeastern University

The professional teaching staff devote a lot of time and effort in preparing the lectures and answering students' questions.

Mr. Zhao Yize, Moss

  • 2012 Graduate
  • Position: Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University

I had a phenomenal time studying at the Department of Computer Science. During the time that I studied here, I experienced endless amount of academic opportunities as well as extra-curricular activities. From the moment that I arrived, I felt the caring and friendly atmosphere in the department. The professors always welcome questions and discussions; our supporting team works vigorously to ensure each student the best resources. We learned from eminent scholars and outstanding peers – in classrooms, in computer labs, and over the dining table. One good example is doing the Group Project in the second year of study. By working closely with four peers, I gained a wide range of project management skills such as requirement gathering, resource planning, and software testing. With the university’s vision of Whole Person Education, we became better citizens when we completed our memorable undergraduate study.

Ms. Ng Wing Yu, Donna

  • 2012 Graduate
  • Position in 2012: Technical Analyst, Investment Banking Division (Equity Derivatives, Credit Suisse)

It was an unforgettable experience for me to spend three years here. This course was my first computing training and I started gaining my computer science theoretical and practical knowledge here. The department gave me full support and numerous opportunities in many areas ranging from computing fundamentals, system design, networking, security, information systems management to interpersonal communication skills. All these skills enabled me to develop my career in enterprise software industry.

Mr. Chushi Ren

  • 2011 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Senior Engineer/Manager, Amazon

The four years in HKBU have been memorable. Faculty members provides great advice and guidance, especially when I was applying for postgraduate study. I am looking forward to meet up with young talented brothers and sisters from my alma mater.

Mr. Chan Ka Ho

  • 2008 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Senior Platform Architect (HSBC - The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)

The holistic education principle embraced by CSD at HKBU differentiates the programme from the crowd. From mathematics, programming, and software design to the essential skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving, the well rounded curriculum equipped me with what it takes to be successful in variety of environments. I would not have accomplished as a Senior Software Architect at Alphaeight Institute majoring in research of several areas and software development without the real-world experience I have acquired at HKBU.

Mr. Michael Cheng

  • 2008 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Senior Marketing Technology Manager, Invesco

Some people may say technologies nowadays evolve very quickly so that what we have learnt in university will become obsolete even before we graduate. But I would like to say the knowledge and the way of thinking I acquired from BUCS professors are still benefiting to my career today, 13 years after my graduation.

For example, one of my favourite exam question is from Prof. PC Yuen - "Please explain xxx in layman terms". He told us that if you cannot explain some technical knowledge in layman terms, it simply means that you don't understand it yourself. 13 years later after my graduation, I'm still telling the same to my team!

Mr. Zexian Wang

  • 2017 Graduate(Statistics)
  • Position in 2021: Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Mr. Wenzhou Wei

  • 2017 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Development Engineer, Huawei

Mr. Guanlun Cheng

  • 2016 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Mr. Yuhan Peng

  • 2014 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Engineer, Google

Mr. Tianbing Leng

  • 2014 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Engineer, SnapLogic

Mr. Cong Du

  • 2013 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: BI Engineer, Stealth Startup

Mr. Rui Du

  • 2010 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Software Engineer, Kuaishou

Mr. Xinyu Kang

  • 2010 Graduate
  • Position in 2021: Data Scientist, Fidelity Investments

Thanks to the Department for nurturing us to be professionals and contributing to pave the way to the bright future.