Mr. Chan Ka Ho (2005 Graduate)
Position in 2016: Enterprise Architect, Applications (HAECO - Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd)

“The holistic education principle embraced by CSD at HKBU differentiates the programme from the crowd. From mathematics, programming, and software design to the essential skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving, the well rounded curriculum equipped me with what it takes to be successful in variety of environments. I would not have accomplished as a Senior Software Architect at Alphaeight Institute majoring in research of several areas and software development without the real-world experience I have acquired at HKBU.”

Mr. Chan Ka Long (2016 Graduate)
Position in 2019: Senior Kernel Security Researcher, Microsoft

"I think the most effective way for studying is study what we interest, HKBU Computer Science is giving a chances and freedom for research and implement on student personal interest and idea, even that’s out of the scope of the programme syllabus, Dr. Martin Choy was my final project supervisor, he gave me a chances that implement the non-mainstream idea (kernel security project) in my final year project.

That experience made better understanding of OS internal, and gave a best start to kick off my career for both of my previous work in Tencent, and currently in Microsoft."

Mr. Cheong Chin Wang (2018 Graduate)

“The HKBU CS faculty provides a lot of opportunities. And I especially want to highlight some international activities offered by the faculty. During my university life, I participated in an international supercomputer competition (Asian supercomputer challenge) in which I have to work with group mates and supervisor in BU to compete with students in other foreign universities.

The department offers several programs for research training as well. For instance, I joined an overseas summer research program in summer at the University of Southern California.

Moreover, the department provides some great exchange study programs. For me, I spent one semester at Mcgill university, which is a top university in Canada.

These experiences broaden my horizons and help me to apply what I learn in class into practice. They are also helpful for career development as many employers probably would take into account the foreign experience. ”

Ms. Hin Fong (2017 Graduate)
Position in 2017: Business Analyst, HSBC

“I had a fruitful 4-year life in Computer Science Department. Department had provided so many assistants as well as opportunities to me throughout these years.

Teachers are warm hearted and willing to teach no matter what your level is, they try their best to guide you in many ways.

Besides, Computer Science Department arranges many programmes to enrich personal development of students, including student helper-you can have chances to teach junior students when you are in year 3/year 4, internships, exchanges, mentoring program, which are all only available for Computer Science students.

In particular, compulsory internship period is one of the important parts in university. It provides practical training where you can apply what you learnt from school to workplace, like database management and business thinking. After that, you would have an idea of what your strengths are and what you need to improve.

Last but not least, let me give credit to Dr. Joe Yau and Dr. Fion Lee, who give me endless support, give me advice on both academic and non-academic side, and also offer so many opportunities to me.

I have always been grateful for being a student of CSD and meeting so many nice friends here. ”

Mr. Johnathan Leung (2002 Graduate)

“It was an unforgettable experience for the three years spent here. This course was my first computing training and started gaining my computer science theoretical and practical knowledge from here. It gave me fully support and tremendous opportunities in many areas ranging from computing fundamentals, system design, networking, security, information systems management and interpersonal communication skills. Those technology concepts and communication skills helped me to develop my career in enterprise software industry.”

Ms. Shirley Leung (2006 Graduate)

“The programme has equipped me not only academic knowledge in both technical and business aspect, but also a wide range of soft skills like communication, problem solving, and strategic thinking. These lead me to be an all-round professional in the industry, which is beneficial to my career development starting from Developer to System Analyst, and as a Consultant now.
HKBU CSD is a warm family, where teachers are always willing to provide guidance (no matter academic or non-academic) to us even upon graduation. I am proud of being one of the graduates from HKBU CSD!”

Ms. Li Hui (2016 Graduate)
Position in 2019: Software Engineer, PayPal Inc.

“I graduated from HKBU Department of Computer Science in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree, and I am currently a software engineer working for PayPal. During my 4-year study, I not only gained the solid foundation in professional skills but also obtained the continuous passion towards computer science. All of this would not happen without the classes I took, the help from professors and all other study resources such as the overseas summer research opportunity in the Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkin University, USA.”

Mr. Liang Ruixian (2017 Graduate)
Position in 2019: Software Specialist, IT Channel (Asia) Ltd.

"Thanks Department for giving me lots of opportunities to broaden my outlook and increase my technical knowledge. In one of the summer vocations, I took an internship in the Computer Graphics Laboratory (CGL) of ETH Zurich. During almost two months’ study, not only did I gain some experience on data mining research but I also made friends with local students there. Before the internship, Prof. Yuen and Prof. Cheung gave me lots of support to help me get prepared both academically and personally."

Miss Ng Wing Yu, Donna (2012 Graduate)
Position in 2012: Technical Analyst, Investment Banking Division (Equity Derivatives, Credit Suisse)

“It was an unforgettable experience for me to spend three years here. This course was my first computing training and I started gaining my computer science theoretical and practical knowledge here. The department gave me full support and numerous opportunities in many areas ranging from computing fundamentals, system design, networking, security, information systems management to interpersonal communication skills. All these skills enabled me to develop my career in enterprise software industry.”

Mr. Pei Kexin (2014 Graduate)
Position in 2016: Ph.D. student at Columbia University

"I appreciate studying in the department of computer science as an undergraduate IS student. The professors here are easy to approach and willing to help. I got solid training in every aspect of the computer science. The endless opportunities (research assistant in database group, internship in HSBC, etc.) not only shaped me to become a full-stack developer but also prepared a substantial research experience for my following graduate research. The numerous kinds of awards and scholarship encouraged me to aim for the best. As a Ph.D. student at Columbia University now, I still think my time in CIS program are the most fruitful and happiest."

Mr. Wong Tsz Sang (2011 Graduate)

“The university life in HKBU is full of fun and challenges. The professors and lecturers are helpful and friendly. The curriculum of Computer Science degree course provides everything we need. From regular core courses to summer workshops, we get chances to learn different kinds of knowledge related to the field, which provide great help for our future career.”

Mr Simon Zhao (2016 Graduate)
Position in 2016: Associate Consultant, Agon Hotels and Resorts Limited

“What the CIS Programme has brought to me was not only academic and IT skills, but also more importantly, a way of systematic and strategic thinking and a good attitude towards problem solving. These contribute a lot to my current career as an associate consultant in the hospitality industry.

For example, database designing and programming knowledge has formed a solid platform of skills to assist my understanding of complex financial models; as well, through the day-to-day training of presentations at university, I’ve gained confidence when to present to clients and even to conduct training sessions; with flexibility of our programme, I obtained another minor degree of Business—it really helps when combining IT skills with business thinking and practical applications.

I offer special gratitude to my mentor, Dr. Kelvin Wong and all other department teachers and staffs, for they gave not only suggestions on the academic view, but also sincere guidance on all aspects related to life and my career. To the current students, I’d say that it’s your real fortune being in the CS/CIS Department; be patient, be initiative, be prepared.”

Mr. Zhao Yize, Moss (2012 Graduate)

“I am this year’s graduate of Computing Studies (Information Systems). I had a phenomenal time studying in Hong Kong Baptist University. During the past four years, I was exposed to endless amount of academic opportunities as well as extra-curricular activities. From day one of my undergraduate, I felt the caring and friendly environment in Computer Science Department. The professors always welcome questions and discussions; our supporting staff work vigorously to ensure each student enjoy the best resources. We learn not just from famous scholars and from each other as well – in classrooms, in computer labs, and over the dining table. One good example is doing Group Project in the second year of study. By working closely with four peers, I gained a wide range of project management skills such as requirement gathering, resource planning, and software testing. With the university’s vision of Whole Person Education, we all become better citizens when we complete our memorable undergraduate study.“