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Programme Structure

Both the PhD and MPhil degrees are research-oriented. A student is required:

  • to complete an approved programme of supervised research;
  • to present a written thesis which demonstrates an advanced level of knowledge and understanding in the candidate's field of study which describes and summarizes the research undertakings and findings;
  • to satisfy the Board of Examiners in an oral examination, (and any other examination if deemed necessary), on matters relevant to the subject of the thesis;
  • to comply with supervision, attendance and all coursework requirements as laid down by the Faculty of Science and the Department of Computer Science; and
  • to satisfy the University-wide graduation requirements.

A candidate registered provisionally for the MPhil degree is subject to a probationary period of up to 12 months for full-time and 18 months for part-time study.

A candidate registered provisionally for the PhD degree is subject to a probationary period of up to 30 months for full-time and 42 months for part-time study.

At the end of the probationary period and after the submission of a research prospectus to the University's Committee on Graduate Studies, the candidate will be assessed and candidature will be confirmed or terminated.

Period of Study

Both the PhD and MPhil degree programmes may be pursued either on a full-time or a part-time mode.

Programme PhD Degree MPhil Degree
Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time
Minimum Period 36 months 48 months 21 months 36 months
Normal Period 48 months 72 months 24 months 48 months
Maximum Period 72 months 96 months 48 months 72 months


The programme of study shall comprise:
  1. supervised original research work culminating in the submission of a thesis;
  2. coursework as required by the Department of Computer Science, as well as the Faculty of Science;
  3. attendance at lectures, study groups and workshops as well as participation in seminars, colloquia and conferences as directed by the supervisor(s) and the Department.
  4. any other courses needed to make up for the candidate’s deficiencies as required by the supervisor(s) and the University; and
  5. the Mandatory Common Core Programme, which shall be completed satisfactorily before the arrangement of confirmation of candidature.

    The following are also mandatory for students undertaking the PhD Programme:

  6. 3-6 months overseas learning experience;
  7. oral/poster presentation at a reputable international conference, workshop or exhibition;
  8. publications as required by the Faculty; and
  9. any other discipline-specific requirements.

MPhil and PhD Candidates should successfully complete a minimum of 12 and 22 units of coursework respectively, as laid down by their respective Faculty/School, 3 units of exemption may be allowed for whom have a relevant Master's degree. Each course carries 2-3 units per semester/trimester/term.

Make-up courses and laboratory courses which are required to cover the candidate's deficiencies are not counted towards the coursework requirements.

For candidates who have been transferred from MPhil candidature and have successfully completed the MPhil coursework requirements, the units gained in their MPhil coursework requirements can be counted towards their PhD coursework requirements if deemed appropriate by the Faculty.

The level 3 and level 7 courses offered by Department of Computer Science can be found here.
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