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BSc (Hons) in Business Computing and Data Analytics

General Information Programme Structure Programme Schedule Syllabus (COMP Courses Only)

The information shown below is for current year 1 and year 2 students only.

General Information

The BSc (Hons) in Business Computing and Data Analytics (BCDA) programme is an interdisciplinary programme jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, and Department of Economics and Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, School of Business. The Department of Computer Science is the hosting department and takes up the quality assurance management role.

The goal of the programme is to nurture the next-generation business leaders for the international job market, equipped with the latest technical knowhow to succeed in fast-changing technologies for business. We expect our graduates to possess a full set of skills that make them attractive to many employers. They can start their careers as data scientists, database administrators, business communicators, financial analysts, market researchers, and other IT professionals or financial services jobs. The training in this programme would also facilitate their ventures into launching their own businesses.

More specifically, the programme has the following objectives.
  • To provide students with a solid knowledge base and skill set in data analytics that enable them to create innovative applications in business organizations, particularly in finance, economics, and consumer / marketing business.
  • To provide students with good data-driven problem-solving skills and help them to develop an analytical and creative mind for data analytics solution design, management and planning in business organizations.
  • To equip students with good inter-personal and communication skills for effective collaboration between IT and business units.
  • To equip students with a solid knowledge and experience in developing data analytics projects to support their career advancement and further studies in business computing, data analytics or related fields.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to:
  • practice as a fully equipped data analytics professional and be ready to work for the ICT industry and its related business organizations;
  • specialize in one or more selected area(s) that they want to build their career upon, or pursue their postgraduate study in related fields;
  • apply their computer science knowledge and data-driven problem-solving skills to solve complex problems in the business world;
  • analyze solution design, management decisions and planning strategies in business organizations, both independently and collaboratively; and
  • demonstrate their communication and interpersonal skills by articulating complex data analytics issues in layman’s language in daily life.

Graduates of this programme are expected to possess knowledge and professional skills in essential areas of computer science, economics, finance and decision sciences related to business computing. In addition to all the essential areas, graduates will also possess in-depth knowledge and professional skills in some specific areas via major elective courses and free electives*. Our graduates are also expected to possess a set of transferable skills which is essential in work environments.

*In addition to major elective units, students are encouraged to consider selecting more major electives using their free elective units.

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