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  1. What are the career prospects of CS graduates?

    Our graduates work in different software and IT consultancy companies (including IBM, Oracle, Yahoo, Microsoft, some start-up companies) as well as companies/organizations in different industry sectors, including banking, healthcare, logistic, and education. Companies include HSBC, Hospital Authority, OOCL, etc. Nature of jobs ranges from developing and managing software system development projects, providing pre-sales, post-sales and in-house technical support, liaising business users and technical staff, delivering professional training, etc.

  2. I did not take related subjects in Form 4-6. Can I be admitted to the CS Programme after Year 1?

    Certainly. Our students, when first admitted, have diverse background and assume only Mathematics background in our curriculum design. We provide extra teaching and learning support in Year 1 and Year 2 study to get students more ready for a comprehensive study on CS. Also, students can select courses for different specializations if they so wish.

  3. Will students with good HKDSE results in some related subjects have advantages of being admitted?

    Students who have attained a 5* in "Mathematics" or "Information and Communication Technology" in HKDSE would be guaranteed for admission to the CS Programme in Year 2.

  4. When can I declare "Computer Science" as my major programme after admitted to the Bachelor of Science programme?

    Year one Science students could indicate their preferred major programmes in March while the application period would be scheduled in June every year.

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