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The thesis shall comply with the following conditions:

  1. The thesis shall form an original contribution to knowledge in the given discipline. The originality shall be shown either by the discovery of new facts or theories or by the demonstration of innovative, critical thinking.
  2. The thesis shall not incorporate published work by the candidate unless the work was published subsequent to the registration of the candidate for the degree of either Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Philosophy.
  3. The thesis shall be the candidate’s own account of his/her research and shall be accompanied by a declaration to this effect signed by the candidate.
  4. Where a candidate’s research work is part of a collaborative project, the thesis must clearly indicate the candidate’s individual contribution and the extent of collaboration.
  5. A candidate shall not submit work that has previously been included in a thesis, dissertation or report submitted to the University or any other institution in support of an application for a degree, a diploma or other qualification.
  6. The thesis shall be suitable for publication either as submitted or in an amended form.

Thesis Submission

Upon completion of the coursework requirements and the programme of supervised research, the student shall submit a written thesis for oral examination. In general, the major steps are as follows:

Step 1:   Submit a thesis title for approval, not less than 2 months before the presentation of the thesis. Thereafter no modification of the title shall be made without approval.  
Step 2 

 Format of the thesis, details of which can be found at the Handbook for Research Postgraduate Students.

Step 3:  Before the oral examination, MPhil students are required to submit 4 copies of the thesis to the Graduate School for the 4 examiners (including the Principal Supervisor), and PhD students are required to submit 6 copies for the 5 examiners and the Principal Supervisor. In either case, if a Proxy is involved, the student must submit 1 more copy for the Proxy.
Step 4: After the oral examination, the student will receive the oral examination result from the Graduate School shortly, and may be required to revise/re-write the thesis accordingly based on the comments and suggestions of the Examination Board. Normally, if the final version of the thesis is eventually ready to be submitted, the student should submit the following to the Office of Graduate School:
  1. one unbound single-sided original copy of the final version of the thesis format checking; and
  2. the memo from Principal Supervisor indicating that the final thesis has been approved by him/her.

The detailed operational procedures for submission of the Final Bound Thesis for Graduation can be found at the Handbook for Research Postgraduate Students.

Thesis Archive

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Year Graduate Supervisor Thesis
2022 LI Lei CHEN Li Natural Language Explanation for Recommendations and Beyond
LI Mengke CHEUNG Yiu Ming Advances in Long-Tailed Visual Recognition
PU Qiaolin NG Joseph Advances in WiFi Fingerprinting Positioning System: Anchor Optimization, Fingerprint Processing and Theoretic Error Bound Analysis
2021 LI Guozhong CHOI Koon Kau Time series analysis on shapelets discovery
LI Hao NG Joseph Towards Low-cost and Real-time Mobile Sensing
LIU Siqi YUEN PC 3D Mask Face Presentation Attack Detection with Remote Photoplethysmography
SHAO Rui YUEN PC Defense of Face Presentation Attacks and Adversarial Attacks
TAN Qi LIU Jiming Learning Complex Spatio-Temporal Dependency: Model Design, Information-Theoretic Analysis, and Systematic Validation
TAN Qingxiong YUEN PC Deep Learning Models for Irregular Electronic Health Record Data Analysis
YIN Kejing CHEUNG KW Learning Phenotypes from Electronic Health Records using Robust Temporal Tensor Factorization
2020 FU Xiaoyi XU Jianliang Social-aware Ridesharing
JIANG Jiaxin CHOI Koon Kau Efficient Frameworks for Keyword Search on Massive Graphs
SHI Shaohuai CHU Xiaowen Communication Optimizations for Distributed Deep Learning
WANG Qiang CHU Xiaowen Performance and Power Modeling of GPU Systems with Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling
2019 LU Yang CHEUNG Yiu Ming Advances in Imbalanced Data Learning
PANG Meng CHEUNG Yiu Ming Single Sample Face Recognition under Complex Environment
YE Mang YUEN PC Open-world Person Re-Identification
ZHANG Yiqun CHEUNG Yiu Ming Advances in Categorical Data Clustering
ZHOU Yang CHEUNG Yiu Ming Studies on Probabilistic Tensor Subspace Learning
2018LI ChenCHEUNG KWAutomatic Extraction of Behavioral Patterns for Elderly Mobility and Daily Routine Analysis
LI JiaweiYUEN PCPerson Re-identification with Limited Labeled Training Data
LIU ChengjianCHU XiaowenESetStore: An Erausure-Coding Based Distributed Storage System with Fast Data Recovery
LOU JianCHEUNG Yiu MingStudy on Efficient Sparse and Low-rank Optimization and Its Applications
MAI GuangcanYUEN PCBiometric System Security and Privacy: Data Reconstruction and Template Protection
SHI QiquanCHEUNG Yiu MingLow Rank Tensor Decomposition for Feature Extraction and Tensor Recovery
WU WenCHEN LiAugmenting Personalized Recommender Systems based on User Personality
YANG BaoyaoYUEN PCDistribution Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: Cross-domain Feature Learning and Synthesis
YI PeipeiCHOI Koon KauGraph Query Autocompletion
ZHOU YichaoCHEUNG Yiu MingLip Password-based Speaker Verification System with Unknown Language Alphabet
2017 CHEN LeiXU JianliangAnswering Why-Not Questions on Spatial Keyword Top-k Queries
WANG FengCHEN LiInferring Users' Multi-Attribute Preferences from Their Reviews for Augmenting Recommender Systems in e-Commerce
ZHAO KaiyongCHU XiaowenGPU Accelerated Sequence Alignment
2016 BAO QingCHEUNG KWInferring Diffusion Models with Structural and Behavioral Dependency in Social Networks
CHEN JingjingXU Jianliang Enhancing Student Engagement and Interaction in E-learning Environments through Learning Analytics and Wearable Sensing
GU Fangqing CHEUNG Yiu MingMany Objective Optimization: Objective Reduction and Weight Design
LAN XiangyuanYUEN PCMulti-Cue Visual Tracking: Feature Learning and Fusion
LI YouCHU XiaowenHigh Throughput Mass Spectrometry Based Peptide Identification Search Engine by GPUs
LIU FeiCHOI Koon Kau Adaptive Search in Consumer-Generated Content Environment: An Information Foraging Perspective
MEI Xinxin CHU XiaowenEnergy Conservation Techniques for GPU Computing
2015 CHEN Qian XU Jianliang Query Authentication in Data Outsourcing and Integration Service
FAN Zhe CHOI Koon Kau Secure Subgraph Query Services
PENG Qinmu CHEUNG Yiu Ming Visual Attention: Saliency Detection and Gaze Estimation
YU Lu LEUNG Yiu Wing Rendezvous for Cognitive Radio Networks
2014 DENG Jie LEUNG Clement Emotion-based Music Retrieval and Recommendation
LI Meng CHEUNG Yiu Ming On Study of Lip Segmentation in Color Space
LI Yuanxi LEUNG Clement Semantic Image Similarity Based on Deep Knowledge for Effective Image Retrieval
LIU Kai CHEUNG KW Detecting Stochastic Motifs in Network and Sequence Data for Human Behavior Analysis
PAN Jianjia TANG YY EMD/BEMD Improvements and their Applications in Texture and Signal Analysis
TAO Li LIU Jiming Understanding the Performance of Healthcare Services: A Data-Driven Complex Systems Modeling Approach
2013 CHEN Xiaowei CHU Xiaowen Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of BitTorrent Darknets
JIA Hong CHEUNG Yiu Ming Clustering of Categorical and Numerical Data without Knowing Cluster Number
LIU Xin CHEUNG Yiu Ming Lip Motion Tracking and Analysis with Application to Lip-password Based Speaker Verification
MA Jinhua YUEN PC Dependency Modeling for Information Fusion with Applications in Visual Recognition
PENG Yun CHOI KK Estimation Techniques for Advanced Database Application
XIA Shang LIU Jiming A Computational Study on Vaccination Decision Making for Infectious Disease Control
2012 FENG Yicheng YUEN PC Discriminability and Security of Binary Template in Face Recognition Systems
HE Yuesheng TANG YY The Intelligent Behavior of 3D Graphical Avatars Based on Machine Learning Methods
LI Yu XU Jianliang Query Processing and Indexing for Flash-Memory Based Database Systems
SHI Benyun LIU Jiming Computational Methods and Mechanisms for Evaluating and Enhancing the Robustness of Energy Distribution Systems
ZHANG Dan TANG YY The applications of Hilbert-Huang Transform in Image Analysis
ZOU Weiwen YUEN PC Face Recognition from Video
2011 CHENG Chi Wa LI CH Probabilistic Topic Modeling and Classification Probabilistic PCA for Text Corpora
2010 CUI Limin TANG YY Wavelet and Manifold Learning and Their Applications
LIU Chang YUEN PC Human Motion Detection and Action Recognition
WONG Chun Fan LEUNG Clement Automatic Semantic Image Annotation and Retrieval
ZENG Hong CHEUNG Yiu Ming On Feature Selection, Kernel Learning and Pairwise Constraints for Clustering Analysis
2009 LI Xin CHEUNG KW POMDP Compression and Decomposition via Belief State Analysis
2008 WU Zhili LI CH Regularization Methods for Support Vector Machines
ZHANG Xiaofeng CHEUNG KW A Model-based Approach for Distributed Data Mining
2007 HE Zhenyu TANG YY Writer Identification Using Wavelet, Contourlet and Statistical Models
WU Haotian CHEUNG Yiu Ming Information Hiding for Media Authentication and Covert Communication
2006 SUN Lu TANG YY Geometric Transformation and Image Singularity with Wavelet Analysis
ZHOU Junyang NG Joseph Enhanced Signal Propagation Models and Algorithm Selector for Providing Location Estimation Services within Cellular Radio Networks
2005 CHAN Tony LEUNG YW Design of All- Optical Networks and Web Hosting Service
HUANG Jian YUEN PC Discriminant Analysis Algorithms for Face Recognition
2004 YOU Xinge TANG YY Shape Representation Based on Wavelet Skeleton
2003 HOU Yuen Tan LEUNG YW Resource Management in Multimedia Communication Systems
2001 TAO Yu TANG YY Feature Extraction in Pattern Recognition and Document Analysis by Fractal and Wavelet
2000 FENG Li TANG YY Wavelet Approach to Feature Extraction for Recognition of 2-D Objects
1999 FENG Guo Can YUEN PC Face Recognition Using Virtual Frontal-View Image

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Year Graduate Supervisor Thesis
2019CHEN JunjieCHEUNG Kwok WaiLearning Hash Codes for Multimedia Retrieval
SONG LihongCHEUNG Kwok WaiMedical Concept Embedding with Ontological Representations
2017CHANG HeLEUNG Yiu WingServer Selection for Heterogeneous Cloud Video Services
LIANG FengfengCHEN LiOverlapping Community Detection Exploiting Direct Dependency Structures in Complex Networks
2016HE JingzhuLEUNG Yiu WingVideo File Distribution among Geo-distributed Cloud Servers
2014 TANG Chao CHEUNG KW Computational Models for Mining Online Drug Reviews
YANG Xiaofei LIU Jiming Inferring Disease Transmission Networks
2013 CHENG Quan Jia NG Joseph A WLAN Location Estimation System using Center of Gravity as an Algorithm Selector
GAO Shen XU Jianliang Transaction Logging and Recovery on Phase-Change Memory
LAI Yong Quan YUEN PC Analyzing Human Motion by Sparse Methods, With Applications to Computer Animation
LI Hong Ping XU Jianliang Secure Proximity Queries in Mobile Geo-Social Service
SHUM Chin Yiu NG Joseph Detecting, Locating, and Tracking Mobile User within a Wireless Local Area Network
WONG Yee Man XIAO Bo Understanding Cyber-bullying: An Empirical Investigation
2012 CHEN Weidong LIU Jiming Discovering Communities by Information Diffusion and Link Density Propagation
QI Luole CHEN Li Conditional Random Fields based Method for Feature-level Opinion Mining and Results Visualization
TSOI Ho Keung CHEN Li The Cross- Cultural Study of Users’ Behavior in Social Network Sites
2011 CHOI Chung Ho CHEUNG KW Patient Journey Shortening using a Multi-agent Approach
DENG Jintian CHOI KK Incremental Maintenance of Minimal and Minimum Bisimulation of Cyclic Graphs
LEUNG Kwan Wai LI CH Commentary-based Social Media Clustering with Concept and Social Network Discovery
WANG Xiaoling LEUNG Clement Analysis of Internet Image Search Performance
XIE Xiaohui TAM HW A Matrix Free Method for Unconstrained Optimization Problems
YAN Yong CHU Xiaowen Performance Analysis and Improvement of IEEE 802.11 Protocols
ZHAO Kaiyong CHU Xiaowen A Multiple-Precision Integer Arithmetic Library for GPUs and Its Applications
ZHAN Tianjie LI CH Semantic Analysis for Extracting Fine-grained Opinion Aspects
2010 CHAN Wing Sze LEUNG Clement Semantic Search of Multimedia Data Objects through Collaborative Intelligence
ON Sai Tung XU Jianliang Efficient Transaction Recovery on Flash Disks
2009 CHAN Kai Kin CHEUNG KW Managing Service-Oriented Data Analysis Workflows using Semantic Web Technology
PAN Jianjia TANG YY Image Segmentation based on the Statistical and Contour Information
WU Di CHAN Stephen Goal-Based Requirements Engineering - Exploring with the 'RADIE' Approach for Ontological Elaboration
2008 CHAN Ka Ho CHU XW Mechanisms for Provisioning Quality of Service in Web Servers
FENG Yicheng YUEN PC Template Protecting Algorithms for Face Recognition System
NG Ka Fung SIM KM Designing and Implementing Relaxed-Criteria G-Negotiation Agents
SHI Benyun SIM KM A Concurrent Negotiation Mechanism for Grid Resource Co-allocation
YEUNG Man Chung NG Joseph Wireless LAN Positioning in Indoor Environment
2007 CHOW Wing Yan LEUNG Yiu Wing Packet Loss Recovery in Internet Telephony
DU Jing XU Jianliang Privacy Protection in Location-based Applications
2006 HUI Chui Ying NG Joseph Broadcast Algorithms and Caching Strategies for Mobile Transaction Processing
WANG Tingting LIU Jiming Multi-Agent Team Competitions and the Implementation of a Team-Strategy
WU Minji XU Jianliang Energy-Efficient Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
2005 CHU Man Kin NG Joseph A Hybrid Approach for Mobile Location Estimation in Cellular Radio Networks
HU Bing Cheng LIU Jiming The Relationship between Local Behavior and Global Characteristics in Multi-Agent Systems
WONG Hak Lim NG Joseph Signal Strength-based Location Estimation in Two Different Mobile Networks
YEUNG Chung Kei CHAN Stephen Ontological Model for Information Systems Development Methodology
2004 AU Kwok Chung CHEUNG William Information Extraction for On-line Job Advertisements
KAN Ka Ho NG Joseph Location Estimation System Based on the GSM Network
WU Zhili LI CH Kernel Based Learning Methods for Pattern and Feature Analysis
2003 CHAN Ka Chun NG Joseph A Dual Channel Design Based on the Global Positioning System and the GSM Network in Providing Location Services for Mobile Computing
YIU Lai Kuen WONG Wai Chinese Character Synthesis: Towards Universal Chinese Information Exchange
2002 HUI Kin Cheung NG Joseph The Design and Implementation of a MPEG Video System with Transmission Control and QoS Support
WONG Chun Chuen CHAN Stephen Graph Approach Modeling and Optimal Heuristics for the One-Dimensional Cutting and Packing Problems
2000 CHIN Chi Kwan LEUNG YW Design and Control of an Internet Telephony System
HUI Ka Keung LIU Jiming A Method of Episode Identification and Association in Human-Computer Interaction with Applications to Personalized Interface Agents
1999 CHOY, Wai Hing WONG Wai Verification Tools for Communication Protocol Design
WAI Hon Kee NG Joseph Priority Feedback Mechanism with Quality of Service Control for MPEG Video System
1998 QIN Hong LIU Jiming Multi-Level Behavioral Self-Organization in Computer-Animated Lifelike Synthetic Agents
1996 CHOI Chung For CHAN Stephen Enhancing Businese Process Reengineering Success