Full-time research postgraduate students are eligible to apply for overseas attachment. The interested student should first discuss the proposed attachment arrangement with his/her supervisor(s).

Students approved for overseas attachment shall be required to pay the normal tuition fees. If the student is a studentship recipient, he/she shall be eligible to continue to receive a studentship during the period of attachment. The leave of absence for approved attachment(s) shall be counted towards the period of study. Students may apply for “Research Student Expenses” to support the travel and taxes incurred for the attachment, subject to its rules and procedures. Any expenses outside the designated amount and categories such as subsistence, insurance, etc. shall be at the student’s own expenses or from undesignated funds from within the department or Faculty / School, if approved. No additional funding will be provided from designated accounts (e.g. Graduate School, Staff Development, Equipment, etc.).

Furthermore, in order to best train the postgraduate students and to enable them to pursue cutting-edge research, the Department will strongly encourage and support students' Overseas Research Exchange experience during their studies. On top of the University research student expenses support, the Department supports each full-time postgraduate student with the extra amount of HKD7,000 (MPhil) & HKD10,000 (PhD) for the participation of research-related activities within their normal study period. Each RPg student is, however, suggested to apply for the university support first. The approval for such activities/attachments will be subject to:
(1) their satisfactory performances in research and coursework,
(2) an exchange activity plan, and
(3) recommendations from the Supervisor and the Postgraduate Committee.

The Research Postgraduate Committee and the Department Head are responsible to grant the approval for such a visit/attachment.