Distributed Systems and Networking (DSAN)

The DSAN research group is conducting cutting edge research on the architectures, protocols and algorithms for distributed systems and networks. The research topics include high-performance GPU computing, cloud computing and data center networking, Internet computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networks, wireless and mobile networks, and multimedia communication.

Faculty Involved:

Funded Research and Consultancy Projects in the Past Few Years:

Energy-efficient Training of Multiple Deep Learning Models on GPU Clusters
Staff Prof. CHU, Xiaowen
  • To build up an open data set of GPU performance and power with DVFS;
  • To develop performance and power models for the training jobs of deep learning models;
  • To design online algorithms for resource allocation and task scheduling problem on GPU clusters;
  • To implement an open-source job management and scheduling system, and to evaluate the performance of the proposed solutions using real-world experiments.

Indoor Location Analytics System for Exhibition and Convention Industries (ILAS)
Staff Prof. NG, Joseph Kee Yin
  • The proposed system brings new opportunities to different stakeholders in the Exhibition and Convention Industry.
  • The buyers and exhibitors will have their matchmaking costs reduced and thus their levels of satisfaction increased.More
  • The exhibition organizers, with the collected movement data stored at the backend analytics server, are provided with decision support for better booth arrangement of exhibitors as well as supportive information for promoting exhibitors at sub-optimal booth areas.